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2021Fundamental Characterization, Photophysics and Photocatalysis of a Base Metal Iron(II)-Cobalt(III) DyadHuber-Gedert M., Nowakowski M., Kertmen A., Burkhardt L., Lindner N., Schoch R., Herbst-Irmer R., Neuba A., Schmitz L., Choi T.-K., Kubicki J., Gawelda W., Bauer M.
2021Multivalent Tryptophan- and Tyrosine-Containing [60]Fullerene Hexa-Adducts as Dual HIV and Enterovirus A71 Entry InhibitorsRuiz-Santaquiteria M., Illescas B.M., Abdelnabi R., Boonen A., Mills A., Martí-Marí O., Noppen S., Neyts J., Schols D., Gago F., San-Félix A., Camarasa M.-J., Martín N.
2021Molecular fragmentation as a way to reveal early electron dynamics induced by attosecond pulsesDelgado J., Lara-Astiaso M., González-Vázquez J., Decleva P., Palacios A., Martín F.
2021Attosecond laser control of photoelectron angular distributions in XUV-induced ionization of H2Bello R.Y., Martín F., Palacios A.
2021Electric manipulation of domain walls in magnetic Weyl semimetals via the axial anomalyHannukainen J.D., Cortijo A., Bardarson J.H., Ferreiros Y.
2021Hole-Transporting Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells Employing an Anthradithiophene CoreSantos J., Calbo J., Sandoval-Torrientes R., Garciá-Benito I., Kanda H., Zimmermann I., Aragó J., Nazeeruddin M.K., Ortí E., Martín N.
2021Magnetic detection of high mechanical stress in iron-based materials using eddy currents and phase shift measurementsGarcía Alonso M.S., Hernando A., Vinolas J., García M.A.
2021An Ultra-Long-Lived Triplet Excited State in Water at Room Temperature: Insights on the Molecular Design of TridecafullerenesRamos-Soriano J., Pérez-Sánchez A., Ramírez-Barroso S., Illescas B.M., Azmani K., Rodríguez-Fortea A., Poblet J.M., Hally C., Nonell S., García-Fresnadillo D., Rojo J., Martín N.
2021On chiral responses to geometric torsionFerreiros Y., Landsteiner K.
2021Large intrinsic anomalous Hall effect in SrIrO3 induced by magnetic proximity effectYoo M.-W., Tornos J., Sander A., Lin L.-F., Mohanta N., Peralta A., Sanchez-Manzano D., Gallego F., Haskel D., Freeland J.W., Keavney D.J., Choi Y., Strempfer J., Wang X., Cabero M., Vasili H.B., Valvidares M., Sanchez-Santolino G., Gonzalez-Calbet J.M., Rivera A., Leon C., Rosenkranz S., Bibes M., Barthelemy A., Anane A., Dagotto E., Okamoto S., te Velthuis S.G.E., Santamaria J., Villegas J.E.
2021On-surface activation of benzylic C-H bonds for the synthesis of pentagon-fused graphene nanoribbonsXu X., Di Giovannantonio M., Urgel J.I., Pignedoli C.A., Ruffieux P., Müllen K., Fasel R., Narita A.
2021Unveiling the origin of photo-induced enhancement of oxidation catalysis at Mo(vi) centres of Ru(ii)-Mo(vi) dyadsNazari Haghighi Pashaki M., Choi T.-K., Rohwer E.J., Feurer T., Duhme-Klair A.-K., Gawelda W., Cannizzo A.
2021Sequential single-crystal-to-single-crystal vapochromic inclusion in a nonporous coordination polymer: Unravelling dynamic rearrangement for selective pyridine sensingFernandez-Bartolome E., Resines-Urien E., Murillo-Vidal M., Piñeiro-Lopez L., Sánchez Costa J.
2021Theoretical study of structural and electronic properties of 2H-phase transition metal dichalcogenidesPisarra M., Diáz C., Martín F.
2021Rare gas-naphthalene interaction: Intermolecular potentials and clusters’ structuresBartolomei M., Hernández M.I., Campos-Martínez J., García-Arroyo E., Hernández-Rojas J., Pirani F., Arteaga-Gutiérrez K.
2021Boosting the tunable microwave scattering signature of sensing array platforms consisting of amorphous ferromagnetic fe2.25 co72.75 si10 b15 microwires and its amplification by intercalating cu microwiresArchilla D., López-Sánchez J., Hernando A., Navarro E., Marín P.
2021Normal and off-normal incidence dissociative dynamics of O2(v,J) on ultrathin Cu films grown on Ru(0001)Fallaque J.G., Ramos M., Busnengo H.F., Martín F., Díaz C.
2021Site-Selective Real-Time Observation of Bimolecuar Electron Transfer in a Photocatalytic System Using L-Edge X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy**Britz A., Bokarev S.I., Assefa T.A., Bajnóczi È.G., Németh Z., Vankó G., Rockstroh N., Junge H., Beller M., Doumy G., March A.M., Southworth S.H., Lochbrunner S., Kühn O., Bressler C., Gawelda W.
2021Carbon nanomaterials embedded in conductive polymers: A state of the artGómez I.J., Sulleiro M.V., Mantione D., Alegret N.
2021Photoexcitation Dynamics of Thiophene-Fluorene Fluorophore in Matrix Encapsulation for Deep-Blue Amplified Spontaneous EmissionHan Y.-M., Sun C., Bai L.-B., Lin J.-Y., Xu M., Liu Y.-Y., Ding X.-H., Xie L.-H., Shen K., Qin T.-S., Huang W.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 271
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