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2022An ab initio study of the photodissociation of the vinyl radicalBouallagui A.; Zanchet A.; Bañares L.; García-Vela A.
2022The cobalt oxidation state in preferential CO oxidation on CoOx/Pt(111) investigated by operando X-ray photoemission spectroscopyRattigan E.; Sun Z.; Gallo T.; Nino M.A.; Parreiras S.d.O.; Martín-Fuentes C.; Martin-Romano J.C.; Écija D.; Escudero C.; Villar I.; Rodríguez-Fernández J.; Lauritsen J.V.
2022Vibrationally resolved photoelectron angular distributions of ammoniaGonzález-Collado C.M.; Plésiat E.; Decleva P.; Palacios A.; Martín F.
2022Electronic properties of germanene on pristine and defective MoS2: A first-principles studyLv P.; Silva-Guillén J.Á.; Rudenko A.N.; Yuan S.
2022Stepwise reduction of a corannulene-based helical molecular nanographene with Na metalZhou Z.; Zhu Y.; Fernández-García J.M.; Wei Z.; Fernández I.; Petrukhina M.A.; Martín N.
2022Effect of Clinically Used Microtubule Targeting Drugs on Viral Infection and Transport FunctionOliva M.Á.; Tosat-Bitrián C.; Barrado-Gil L.; Bonato F.; Galindo I.; Garaigorta U.; Álvarez-Bernad B.; París-Ogáyar R.; Lucena-Agell D.; Giménez-Abián J.F.; García-Dorival I.; Urquiza J.; Gastaminza P.; Díaz J.F.; Palomo V.; Alonso C.
2022Conical intersection and coherent vibrational dynamics in alkyl iodides captured by attosecond transient absorption spectroscopyChang K.F.; Wang H.; Poullain S.M.; González-Vázquez J.; Bañares L.; Prendergast D.; Neumark D.M.; Leone S.R.
2022Scattering effects from neighboring atoms in core-level WSe2 photoemissionAmbrosio M.J.; Plésiat E.; Decleva P.; Echenique P.M.; Díez Muiño R.; Martín F.
2022Attosecond photoionisation time delays reveal the anisotropy of the molecular potential in the recoil frameAhmadi H.; Plésiat E.; Moioli M.; Frassetto F.; Poletto L.; Decleva P.; Schröter C.D.; Pfeifer T.; Moshammer R.; Palacios A.; Martin F.; Sansone G.
2022Unveiling the Hidden Entropy in ZnFe2O4Cobos M.A.; Hernando A.; Marco J.F.; Puente-Orench I.; Jiménez J.A.; Llorente I.; García-Escorial A.; de la Presa P.
2022Structure elucidation of multicolor emissive graphene quantum dots towards cell guidanceGómez I.J.; Sulleiro M.V.; Dole?ková A.; Pizúrová N.; Medalová J.; Bedna?ík A.; Preisler J.; Ne?as D.; Zají?ková L.
2022Thermoelectric Enhancement in Single Organic Radical MoleculesHurtado-Gallego J.; Sangtarash S.; Davidson R.; Rincón-García L.; Daaoub A.; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Lambert C.J.; Oganesyan V.S.; Bryce M.R.; Agraït N.; Sadeghi H.
2022Cognate DNA Recognition by Engrailed Homeodomain Involves A Conformational Change Controlled via An Electrostatic-Spring-Loaded LatchD’Amelio N.; Tanielian B.; Sadqi M.; López-Navajas P.; Muñoz V.
2022Synthetic chiral molecular nanographenes: The key figure of the racemization barrierFernández-García J.M.; Izquierdo-García P.; Buendía M.; Filippone S.; Martín N.
2022On-surface synthesis and characterization of nitrogen-substituted undecacenesEimre K.; Urgel J.I.; Hayashi H.; Di Giovannantonio M.; Ruffieux P.; Sato S.; Otomo S.; Chan Y.S.; Aratani N.; Passerone D.; Gröning O.; Yamada H.; Fasel R.; Pignedoli C.A.
2022Cluster approach to scattering in MoS2 photoemissionAmbrosio M.J.; Plesiat E.; Decleva P.; Echenique P.M.; Díez Muiño R.; Martín F.
2022Coexistence of antiferro- and ferrimagnetism in the spinel ZnFe2O4 with an inversion degree δ lower than 0.3Cobos M.Á.; de la Presa P.; Puente-Orench I.; Llorente I.; Morales I.; García-Escorial A.; Hernando A.; Jiménez J.A.
2022Reversible single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformations in coordination compounds induced by external stimuliFernandez-Bartolome E.; Martinez-Martinez A.; Resines-Urien E.; Piñeiro-Lopez L.; Costa J.S.
2022Fast-Folding Kinetics Using Nanosecond Laser-Induced Temperature-Jump MethodsCerminara M.
2021Extremely long-range, high-temperature Josephson coupling across a half-metallic ferromagnetSanchez-Manzano D.; Mesoraca S.; Cuellar F.A.; Cabero M.; Rouco V.; Orfila G.; Palermo X.; Balan A.; Marcano L.; Sander A.; Rocci M.; Garcia-Barriocanal J.; Gallego F.; Tornos J.; Rivera A.; Mompean F.; Garcia-Hernandez M.; Gonzalez-Calbet J.M.; Leon C.; Valencia S.; Feuillet-Palma C.; Bergeal N.; Buzdin A.I.; Lesueur J.; Villegas J.E.; Santamaria J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 313
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