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2022Amplification-free detection of SARS-CoV-2 using gold nanotriangles functionalized with oligonucleotidesdel Caño R., García-Mendiola T., García-Nieto D., Álvaro R., Luna M., Iniesta H.A., Coloma R., Diaz C.R., Milán-Rois P., Castellanos M., Abreu M., Cantón R., Galán J.C., Pineda T., Pariente F., Miranda R., Somoza Á., Lorenzo E.
2022CASCADE: Naked eye-detection of SARS-CoV-2 using Cas13a and gold nanoparticlesLópez-Valls M., Escalona-Noguero C., Rodríguez-Díaz C., Pardo D., Castellanos M., Milán-Rois P., Martínez-Garay C., Coloma R., Abreu M., Cantón R., Galán J.C., Miranda R., Somoza Á., Sot B.
2022Detecting Magnetic Permeability and Electrical Conductivity Fluctuations in Metallic Ferromagnetic Sheets through the Shielding EffectHernando A., Giacomone F., Viñolas J., García M.A., Galvez F., Castellanos A., de Hoyos A., Cerracín A.
2022Development of colorimetric sensors based on gold nanoparticles for SARS-CoV-2 RdRp, E and S genes detectionRodríguez Díaz C., Lafuente-Gómez N., Coutinho C., Pardo D., Alarcón-Iniesta H., López-Valls M., Coloma R., Milán-Rois P., Domenech M., Abreu M., Cantón R., Galán J.C., Bocanegra R., Campos L.A., Miranda R., Castellanos M., Somoza Á.
2022Conjugation of Nucleic Acids and Drugs to Gold NanoparticlesMilán-Rois P., Rodriguez-Diaz C., Castellanos M., Somoza Á.
2022Iron oxide-manganese oxide nanoparticles with tunable morphology and switchable MRI contrast mode triggered by intracellular conditionsGarcía-Soriano D., Milán-Rois P., Lafuente-Gómez N., Navío C., Gutiérrez L., Cussó L., Desco M., Calle D., Somoza Á., Salas G.
2021Modified gold nanoparticles to overcome the chemoresistance to gemcitabine in mutant p53 cancer cellsGarcía-Garrido E., Cordani M., Somoza Á.
2021Stimuli-responsive nanomaterials for cancer treatment: boundaries, opportunities and applicationsLafuente-Gómez N., Latorre A., Milán-Rois P., Rodriguez Diaz C., Somoza I.
2021Tuning the Optical Properties of Au Nanoclusters by Designed ProteinsLopez-Martinez E., Gianolio D., Garcia-Orrit S., Vega-Mayoral V., Cabanillas-Gonzalez J., Sanchez-Cano C., Cortajarena A.L.
2021Boosting the Photoluminescent Properties of Protein-Stabilized Gold Nanoclusters through Protein EngineeringAires A., Sousaraei A., Möller M., Cabanillas-Gonzalez J., Cortajarena A.L.
2021Influence of coating and size of magnetic nanoparticles on cellular uptake for in vitro mriCortés‐llanos B., Ocampo S.M., de la Cueva L., Calvo G.F., Belmonte‐beitia J., Pérez L., Salas G., Ayuso‐sacido Á.
2021Assessing the parameters modulating optical losses of iron oxide nanoparticles under near infrared irradiationLozano-Pedraza C., Plaza-Mayoral E., Espinosa A., Sot B., Serrano A., Salas G., Blanco-Andujar C., Cotin G., Felder-Flesch D., Begin-Colin S., Teran F.J.
2021Autophagy and the lysosomal system in cancerKumar S., Sánchez-Álvarez M., Lolo F.-N., Trionfetti F., Strippoli R., Cordani M.
2021Di- And tri-component spinel ferrite nanocubes: Synthesis and their comparative characterization for theranostic applicationsSilvestri N., Gavilán H., Guardia P., Brescia R., Fernandes S., Samia A.C.S., Teran F.J., Pellegrino T.
2021Individual particle heating of interacting magnetic nanoparticles at nonzero temperatureLeliaert J., Ortega-Julia J., Ortega D.
2021Unveiling the role of surface, size, shape and defects of iron oxide nanoparticles for theranostic applicationsCotin G., Blanco-Andujar C., Perton F., Asín L., De La Fuente J.M., Reichardt W., Schaffner D., Ngyen D.-V., Mertz D., Kiefer C., Meyer F., Spassov S., Ersen O., Chatzidakis M., Botton G.A., Hénoumont C., Laurent S., Greneche J.-M., Teran F.J., Ortega D., Felder-Flesch D., Begin-Colin S.
2021Osmium(ii) tethered half-sandwich complexes: pH-dependent aqueous speciation and transfer hydrogenation in cellsInfante-Tadeo S., Rodríguez-Fanjul V., Habtemariam A., Pizarro A.M.
2021Albumin nanostructures for nucleic acid delivery in cancer: Current trend, emerging issues, and possible solutionsPrajapati R., Somoza Á.
2021Hydrotalcite-embedded magnetite nanoparticles for hyperthermia-triggered chemotherapySimeonidis K., Kaprara E., Rivera-Gil P., Xu R., Teran F.J., Kokkinos E., Mitropoulos A., Maniotis N., Balcells L.
2021The role of lncrnas in uveal melanomaMilán-Rois P., Quan A., Slack F.J., Somoza Á.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 261
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