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2021Di- And tri-component spinel ferrite nanocubes: Synthesis and their comparative characterization for theranostic applicationsSilvestri N., Gavilán H., Guardia P., Brescia R., Fernandes S., Samia A.C.S., Teran F.J., Pellegrino T.
2021Unveiling the role of surface, size, shape and defects of iron oxide nanoparticles for theranostic applicationsCotin G., Blanco-Andujar C., Perton F., Asín L., De La Fuente J.M., Reichardt W., Schaffner D., Ngyen D.-V., Mertz D., Kiefer C., Meyer F., Spassov S., Ersen O., Chatzidakis M., Botton G.A., Hénoumont C., Laurent S., Greneche J.-M., Teran F.J., Ortega D., Felder-Flesch D., Begin-Colin S.
2021Individual particle heating of interacting magnetic nanoparticles at nonzero temperatureLeliaert J., Ortega-Julia J., Ortega D.
2021Osmium(ii) tethered half-sandwich complexes: pH-dependent aqueous speciation and transfer hydrogenation in cellsInfante-Tadeo S., Rodríguez-Fanjul V., Habtemariam A., Pizarro A.M.
2021Albumin nanostructures for nucleic acid delivery in cancer: Current trend, emerging issues, and possible solutionsPrajapati R., Somoza Á.
2021Hydrotalcite-embedded magnetite nanoparticles for hyperthermia-triggered chemotherapySimeonidis K., Kaprara E., Rivera-Gil P., Xu R., Teran F.J., Kokkinos E., Mitropoulos A., Maniotis N., Balcells L.
2021Smart modification on magnetic nanoparticles dramatically enhances their therapeutic propertiesLafuente-Gómez N., Milán-Rois P., García-Soriano D., Luengo Y., Cordani M., Alarcón-Iniesta H., Salas G., Somoza Á.
2021The role of lncrnas in uveal melanomaMilán-Rois P., Quan A., Slack F.J., Somoza Á.
2021Editorial: New Approaches to Tackle EMT and Fibrosis: From Epigenetics to NanotechnologyBattistelli C., Cordani M., Diederich M., Somoza Á., Valente S., Strippoli R.
2021In silico assessment of collateral eddy current heating in biocompatible implants subjected to magnetic hyperthermia treatmentsRubia-Rodríguez I., Zilberti L., Arduino A., Bottauscio O., Chiampi M., Ortega D.
2021Infrared-Emitting Multimodal Nanostructures for Controlled In Vivo Magnetic HyperthermiaXimendes E., Marin R., Shen Y., Ruiz D., Gómez-Cerezo D., Rodríguez-Sevilla P., Lifante J., Viveros-Méndez P.X., Gámez F., García-Soriano D., Salas G., Zalbidea C., Espinosa A., Benayas A., García-Carrillo N., Cussó L., Desco M., Teran F.J., Juárez B.H., Jaque D.
2021Covalent modification of franckeite with maleimides: Connecting molecules and van der Waals heterostructuresVillalva J., Moreno-Da Silva S., Villa P., Ruiz-González L., Navío C., Garcia-Orrit S., Vega-Mayoral V., Cabanillas-González J., Castellanos-Gomez A., Giovanelli E., Pérez E.M.
2021Albumin-based nanoparticles for the delivery of doxorubicin in breast cancerPrajapati R., Garcia-Garrido E., Somoza Á.
2021Data - Osmium(II) Tethered Half-Sandwich Complexes: pH-dependent Aqueous Speciation and Transfer Hydrogenation in CellsInfante-Tadeo, Sonia; Rodríguez-Fanjul, Vanessa; Habtemariam, Abraha; Pizarro, Ana M.
2021Albumin-based nanostructures for uveal melanoma treatmentLatorre A., Castellanos M., Lafuente-Gómez N., Diaz C.R., Crespo-Barreda A., Lecea M., Cordani M., Martín-Duque P., Somoza Á.
2021Editorial: Novel Cancer Treatments Based on Autophagy ModulationCordani M., Somoza Á., Tafani M., Dando I., Kumar S.
2021Modulating the water oxidation catalytic activity of iridium complexes by functionalizing the Cp*-ancillary ligand: hints on the nature of the active speciesGatto G., De Palo A., Carrasco A.C., Pizarro A.M., Zacchini S., Pampaloni G., Marchetti F., Macchioni A.
2021Mechanisms of Peritoneal Fibrosis: Focus on Immune Cells–Peritoneal Stroma InteractionsTerri M., Trionfetti F., Montaldo C., Cordani M., Tripodi M., Lopez-Cabrera M., Strippoli R.
2021Photoactive Platinum(II) Azopyridine Complexes†Farley S.J., Salassa L., Pizarro A.M., Sadler P.J.
2021Engineering conductive protein films through nanoscale self-assembly and gold nanoparticles dopingMejias S.H., López-Martínez E., Fernandez M., Couleaud P., Martin-Lasanta A., Romera D., Sanchez-Iglesias A., Casado S., Osorio M.R., Abad J.M., González M.T., Cortajarena A.L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 249
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