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2023Ferrite nanoparticles for hyperthermiaSantana-Otero, A.; Gómez-Cerezo, D.; Lozano-Pedraza, C.; López-Méndez, R.; Sanz-de Diego, E.; Ortega-Juliá, J.; Espinosa, A.; Teran, F.; Ortega, D.
2023Nanostructured ferrite materials for theranosticsOluwasamni, A.; Santana-Otero, A.; Soenen, S.; Manshian, B.; Hoskins, C.; Ortega, D.
2022Recent advances in hard -ferrite magnetsBollero, Alberto; Palmero E.M.
2022NMR Relaxation Dispersion Methods for the Structural and Dynamic Analysis of Quickly Interconverting, Low-Populated Conformational SubstatesVeeramuthu Natarajan S.; D’Amelio N.; Muñoz V.
2022Mechanochemical Evolution of Disulfide Bonds in ProteinsSchönfelder J.; Alonso-Caballero A.; Perez-Jimenez R.
2022Molecular Simulations of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins and Their Binding MechanismsChu X.; Nagpal S.; Muñoz V.
2022Fast-Folding Kinetics Using Nanosecond Laser-Induced Temperature-Jump MethodsCerminara M.
2021In vitro single-molecule manipulation studies of viral DNA replicationBocanegra R.; Plaza G.A. I.; Ibarra, Borja
2021Measurements of Real-Time Replication Kinetics of DNA Polymerases on ssDNA Templates Coated with Single-Stranded DNA-Binding ProteinsCerrón F.; Ibarra, Borja
2021Optical Tweezers to Investigate the Structure and Energetics of Single-Stranded DNA-Binding Protein-DNA ComplexesMorin J.A.; Cerrón F.; Cao-García F.J.; Ibarra, Borja
2016Black Phosphorus-Based NanodevicesIsland J.O.; Castellanos-Gomez A.
2014Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) of grapheneVázquez de Parga, Amadeo L.; Miranda, Rodolfo
2014Soft X-ray tomography imaging for biological samplesOtón J.; Sorzano C.O.S.; Chichón F.J.; Carrascosa J.L.; Carazo J.M.; Marabini R.
2012Phthalocyanine-porphyrin heteroarrays: A perfect marriage between two unique macrocyclesBottari, Giovanni; de la Torre G.; Guldi D.M.; Torres, Tomás
2012Synthesis of inorganic nanoparticlesSalas, Gorka; Costo R.; del Puerto Morales M.
2012Single-Molecule Force SpectroscopyGalera-Prat A.; Hermans R.; Hervás R.; Gómez-Sicilia A.; Carrión-Vázquez M.
2012Supramolecular Chemistry of Fullerenes on Solid SurfacesOtero, Roberto; Gallego J.M.; Martín, Nazario; Miranda, Rodolfo
2012Experimental Determination of Association Constants Involving FullerenesPérez, Emilio M.; Martín, Nazario
2012Hydrogen-Bonded Fullerene AssembliesSantos J.; Illescas B.M.; Sánchez L.; Martín, Nazario
2013Nanomechanics of proteins, both folded and disorderedHervás R.; Galera-Prat A.; Gómez-Sicilia A.; Losada-Urzáiz F.; Del Carmen Fernández M.; Fernández-Bravo D.; Santana E.; Barrio-García C.; Melero C.; Carrión-Vázquez M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 51
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