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2021Improved thermal stability of antireflective moth-eye topography imprinted on PMMA/TiO2surface nanocompositesJacobo-Martín A., Hernández J.J., Pedraz P., Solano E., Navarro-Baena I., Rodríguez I.
2021Light-Assisted Resistance Collapse in a V2 O3 -Based Mott-Insulator DeviceRonchi A., Franceschini P., Homm P., Gandolfi M., Ferrini G., Pagliara S., Banfi F., Menghini M., Locquet J.-.P., Giannetti C.
2021Influence of chemical and electronic inhomogeneities of graphene/copper on the growth of oxide thin films: The ZnO/graphene/copper caseMorales C., Urbanos F.J., Del Campo A., Leinen D., Granados D., Prieto P., Aballe L., Foerster M., Soriano L.
2021Room temperature Mott metal-insulator transition in V2O3compounds induced via strain-engineeringHomm P., Menghini M., Seo J.W., Peters S., Locquet J.-P.
2020Integrated all-optical VO2/Si waveguide switchParra J., Angelova T., Menghini M., Homm P., Locquet J.-P., Sanchis P.
2021Analysis and Performance of Lumped-Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors for W-BandAja B., De Ory M.C., Fuente L.D.L., Artal E., Pascual J.P., Magaz M.T., Granados D., Gomez A.
2016Experimental Evidence of the Origin of Nanophase Separation in Low Hole-Doped Colossal Magnetoresistant ManganitesCortés-Gil R., Ruiz-González M.L., González-Merchante D., Alonso J.M., Hernando A., Trasobares S., Vallet-Regí M., Rojo J.M., González-Calbet J.M.
2016Plasmonic nanodevice with magnetic funcionalities: Fabrication and characterizationGalvez F., Del Valle J., Gomez A., Osorio M.R., Granados D., Pérez De Lara D., García M.A., Vicent J.L.
2014Quantitative decoding of interactions in tunable nanomagnet arrays using first order reversal curvesGilbert D.A., Zimanyi G.T., Dumas R.K., Winklhofer M., Gomez A., Eibagi N., Vicent J.L., Liu K.
2014Breaking the configurational anisotropy in Fe single crystal nanomagnetsGomez A., Cebollada F., Palomares F.J., Sanchez N., Gonzalez E.M., Gonzalez J.M., Vicent J.L.
2014Imprinted labyrinths and percolation in Nd-Co/Nb magnetic/superconducting hybridsRuiz-Valdepe?as L., Velez M., Valdés-Bango F., Alvarez-Prado L.M., Garcia-Alonso F.J., Martin J.I., Navarro E., Alameda J.M., Vicent J.L.
20140D band gap engineering by MBE quantum rings: Fabrication and optical propertiesGarcía J.M., Alén B., Silveira J.P., Granados D.
2014Vortex pinning vs superconducting wire network: Origin of periodic oscillations induced by applied magnetic fields in superconducting films with arrays of nanomagnetsGomez A., Del Valle J., Gonzalez E.M., Chiliotte C.E., Carreira S.J., Bekeris V., Prieto J.L., Schuller I.K., Vicent J.L.
2012FtsZ polymers bound to lipid bilayers through ZipA form dynamic two dimensional networksMateos-Gil P., Márquez I., López-Navajas P., Jiménez M., Vicente M., Mingorance J., Rivas G., Vélez M.
2012Depolymerization dynamics of individual filaments of bacterial cytoskeletal protein FtsZMateos-Gil P., Paez A., Hörger I., Rivas G., Vicente M., Tarazona P., Vélez M.
2013Control of dissipation in superconducting films by magnetic stray fieldsGomez A., Gilbert D.A., Gonzalez E.M., Liu K., Vicent J.L.
2013Membrane reconstitution of FtsZ-ZipA complex inside giant spherical vesicles made of E. coli lipids: Large membrane dilation and analysis of membrane plasticityLópez-Montero I., López-Navajas P., Mingorance J., Vélez M., Vicente M., Monroy F.
2013A superconducting/magnetic hybrid rectifier based on Fe single-crystal nanocentres: Role of magnetic and geometric asymmetriesGomez A., Gonzalez E.M., Iglesias M., Sanchez N., Palomares F.J., Cebollada F., Gonzalez J.M., Vicent J.L.
2013Vortex lattice motion in the flux creep regime on asymmetric pinning potentialsPerez De Lara D., Velez M., Gomez A., Galvez F., Alija A., Garcia M.A., Martín J.I., Gonzalez E.M., Vicent J.L.
2013Colloidal ordered assemblies in a polymer shell - A novel type of magnetic nanobeads for theranostic applicationsBigall N.C., Wilhelm C., Beoutis M.-L., García-Hernandez M., Khan A.A., Giannini C., Sánchez-Ferrer A., Mezzenga R., Materia M.E., Garcia M.A., Gazeau F., Bittner A.M., Manna L., Pellegrino T.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 75
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