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2022Photoswitching activation of a ferrocenyl-stilbene analogue by its covalent grafting to goldBejarano F., Gutiérrez D., Catalán-Toledo J., Roca-Sanjuán D., Gierschner J., Veciana J., Mas-Torrent M., Rovira C., Crivillers N.
2022Pure Boric Acid Does Not Show Room-Temperature Phosphorescence (RTP)Wu Z., Roldao J.C., Rauch F., Friedrich A., Ferger M., Würthner F., Gierschner J., Marder T.B.
2022Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as an Additive in Organic Photovoltaics: Effects on Carrier Generation and Recombination DynamicsAbudulimu A., Eckstein K., Gemayel M.E., Namal I., Phillips A.B., Ellingson R.J., Heben M.J., Hertel T., Meier S.B., Lüer L.
2022A Water-Soluble Organic Photocatalyst Discovered for Highly Efficient Additive-Free Visible-Light-Driven Grafting of Polymers from Proteins at Ambient and Aqueous EnvironmentsLee Y., Kwon Y., Kim Y., Yu C., Feng S., Park J., Doh J., Wannemacher R., Koo B., Gierschner J., Kwon M.S.
2022Cove-Edged Hexa-peri-hexabenzo-bis-peri-octacene: Molecular Conformations and Amplified Spontaneous EmissionGu Y., Vega-Mayoral V., Garcia-Orrit S., Schollmeyer D., Narita A., Cabanillas-González J., Qiu Z., Müllen K.
2022Quantum-chemistry study of the ground and excited state absorption of distyrylbenzene: Multi vs single reference methodsRoldao J.C., Oliveira E.F., Milián-Medina B., Gierschner J., Roca-Sanjuán D.
2022A simple model to engineer single-molecule conductance of acenes by chemical disubstitutionFallaque J.G., Rodríguez-González S., Díaz C., Martín F.
2022Monitoring tautomerization of single hypericin molecules in a tunable optical λ/2 microcavityWang L., Liu Q., Wackenhut F., Brecht M., Adam P.-M., Gierschner J., Meixner A.J.
2022Publisher Correction: Angle-dependent interferences in electron emission accompanying stimulated Compton scattering from moleculesSopena A., Palacios A., Catoire F., Bachau H., Martín F.
2022Ultrafast molecular dynamics in ionized 1- And 2-propanol- And simple fragmentation to complex isomerization and roaming mechanismsMishra D., Reino-González J., Obaid R., LaForge A.C., Díaz-Tendero S., Martín F., Berrah N.
2021Molecular-Frame Photoelectron Angular Distributions of CO in the Vicinity of Feshbach Resonances: An XCHEM ApproachBorràs V.J., González-Vázquez J., Argenti L., Martín F.
2021Imaging the elusive C-C bond dissociation channel of photoexcited ethyl radicalMarggi Poullain S., Rubio-Lago L., Chicharro D.V., Boullagui A., Zanchet A., Yazidi O., García-Vela A., Bañares L.
2021Towards the complete phase profiling of attosecond wave packetsFuchs J., Douguet N., Donsa S., Martín F., Burgdörfer J., Argenti L., Cattaneo L., Keller U.
2021Attosecond x-ray transient absorption spectroscopy in grapheneCistaro G., Plaja L., Martín F., Picón A.
2021Dual Emission: Classes, Mechanisms, and ConditionsBehera S.K., Park S.Y., Gierschner J.
2021Selecting two-photon sequential ionization pathways in H2through harmonic filteringSopena A., Bachau H., Catoire F., Martín F., Palacios A.
2021Towards rainbow photo/electro-luminescence in copper(i) complexes with the versatile bridged bis-pyridyl ancillary ligandMahoro G.U., Fresta E., Elie M., Di Nasso D., Zhang Q., Lohier J.-F., Renaud J.-L., Linares M., Wannemacher R., Cabanillas-Gonzalez J., Costa R.D., Gaillard S.
2021Nuclearity Control for Efficient Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence in a CuIComplex and its Halogen-Bridged DimerSun C., Llanos L., Arce P., Oliver A., Wannemacher R., Cabanillas-Gonzalez J., Lemus L., Aravena D.
2021Surface-Promoted Evolution of Ru-bda Coordination Oligomers Boosts the Efficiency of Water Oxidation Molecular AnodesGil-Sepulcre M., Lindner J.O., Schindler D., Velasco L., Moonshiram D., Rüdiger O., Debeer S., Stepanenko V., Solano E., Würthner F., Llobet A.
2021Luminescence in Crystalline Organic Materials: From Molecules to Molecular SolidsGierschner J., Shi J., Milián-Medina B., Roca-Sanjuán D., Varghese S., Park S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 330
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