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2022Electron Transfer at Quantum Dot-Metal Oxide Interfaces for Solar Energy ConversionBallabio M.; Cánovas, Enrique
2022High-Power Excitation of Spintronic THz Emitter in the Back-Cooled Reflection GeometryVogel T.; Omar A.; Mansourzadeh S.; Wulf F.; Sabanés N.M.; Müller M.; Seifert T.; Weigel A.; Jakob G.; Kläui M.; Pupeza I.; Kampfrath T.; Saraceno C.J.
2022Controlling Electronic Events Through Rational Structural Design in Subphthalocyanine–Corrole Dyads: Synthesis, Characterization, and Photophysical PropertiesMariñas V.; Platzer B.; Labella J.; Caroleo F.; Nardis S.; Paolesse R.; Guldi D.M.; Torres, Tomás
2022Heating of metallic biliary stents during magnetic hyperthermia of patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: an in silico studyBottauscio O.; Rubia-Rodríguez, Isabel; Arduino A.; Zilberti L.; Chiampi M.; Ortega D.
2022Preparation, Supramolecular Organization, and On-Surface Reactivity of Enantiopure Subphthalocyanines: From Bulk to 2D-PolymerizationLabella J.; Lavarda G.; Hernández-López L.; Aguilar-Galindo F.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Lobo-Checa J.; Torres, Tomás
2022Femtosecond Thermal and Nonthermal Hot Electron Tunneling Inside a Photoexcited Tunnel JunctionMartín Sabanés N.; Krecinic F.; Kumagai T.; Schulz F.; Wolf M.; Müller M.
2022On-Surface Design of a 2D Cobalt-Organic Network Preserving Large Orbital Magnetic MomentMartín-Fuentes C.; Parreiras S.O.; Urgel J.I.; Rubio-Giménez V.; Muñiz Cano B.; Moreno D.; Lauwaet K.; Valvidares M.; Valbuena M.A.; Gargiani P.; Kuch W.; Camarero, Julio; Gallego J.M.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Martínez J.I.; Martí-Gastaldo C.; Écija, David
2022Boosting the Stimulated Emission Properties of Host:Guest Polymer Blends by Inserting Chain Twists in the Host PolymerSun C.; Bai L.; Roldao J.C.; Burgos-Caminal A.; Borrell-Grueiro O.; Lin J.; Huang W.; Gierschner, Johannes; Gawelda W.; Bañares, Luis; Cabanillas González, Juan
2022A 3D Peptide/[60]Fullerene Hybrid for Multivalent RecognitionGallego I.; Ramos-Soriano J.; Méndez-Ardoy A.; Cabrera-González J.; Lostalé-Seijo I.; Illescas B.M.; Reina J.J.; Martín, Nazario; Montenegro J.
2022Unique multiphthalocyanine coordination systems: vibrationally hot excited states and charge transfer states that power high energy triplet charge separated statesJoseph J.; Lourenço L.M.O.; Tomé J.P.C.; Torres, Tomás; Guldi D.M.
2022Hidden ordered structure in the archetypical Fe(pyrazine)[Pt(CN)4] spin-crossover porous coordination compoundFernández-Blanco Á.; Mariano L.A.; Piñeiro-López L.; Real J.A.; Sánchez Costa, Jose; Poloni R.; Rodríguez-Velamazán J.A.
2022Observation of Superconducting Collective Modes from Competing Pairing Instabilities in Single-Layer NbSe2Wan W.; Dreher P.; Muñoz-Segovia D.; Harsh R.; Guo H.; Martínez-Galera A.J.; Guinea, Francisco; de Juan F.; Ugeda M.M.
2022Fine Control of In Vivo Magnetic Hyperthermia Using Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Different Coatings and Degree of AggregationLuengo Y.; Díaz-Riascos Z.V.; García-Soriano D.; Terán, Francisco; Artés-Ibáñez E.J.; Ibarrola O.; Somoza, Álvaro; Miranda, Rodolfo; Schwartz S. Jr.; Abasolo I.; Salas, Gorka
2022Electrodeposition as a Tool for Nanostructuring Magnetic MaterialsRuiz-Gómez S.; Fernández-González C.; Perez L.
2022Electrodeposited Magnetic Nanowires with Radial Modulation of CompositionFernández-González C.; Guedeja-Marrón A.; Rodilla B.L.; Arché-Nuñez A.; Corcuera R.; Lucas I.; González, Teresa; Varela M.; de la Presa P.; Aballe L.; Pérez, Lucas; Ruiz-Gómez S.
2022Predictability of Population FluctuationsCrespo-Miguel R.; Cao-García F.J.
2022Micromagnetics of magnetic chemical modulations in soft-magnetic cylindrical nanowiresÁlvaro-Gómez L.; Ruiz-Gómez S.; Fernández-González C.; Schöbitz M.; Mille N.; Hurst J.; Tiwari D.; De Riz A.; Andersen I.M.; Bachmann J.; Cagnon L.; Foerster M.; Aballe L.; Belkhou R.; Toussaint J.-C.; Thirion C.; Masseboeuf A.; Gusakova D.; Pérez, Lucas; Fruchart O.
2022Self-energy corrected DFT-NEGF for conductance in molecular junctions: an accurate and efficient implementation for TRANSIESTA package applied to Au electrodesFallaque J.G.; Rodríguez-González S.; Martín, Fernando; Díaz C.
2022Layered metal-organic frameworks and metal-organic nanosheets as functional materialsSakamoto R.; Fukui N.; Maeda H.; Toyoda R.; Takaishi S.; Tanabe T.; Komeda J.; Amo-Ochoa P.; Zamora F.; Nishihara H.
2022Engineering the HOMO-LUMO gap of indeno[1,2-b]fluoreneCasares R.; Martínez-Pinel A.; Rodríguez-González S.; Márquez I.R.; Lezama L.; González, Teresa; Leary, Edmund; Blanco V.; Fallaque J.G.; Díaz C.; Martín, Fernando; Cuerva J.M.; Millán A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2490
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