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2021A Janus-Type Phthalocyanine for the Assembly of Photoactive DNA Origami CoatingsRahali A., Shaukat A., Almeida-Marrero V., Jamoussi B., De La Escosura A., Torres T., Kostiainen M.A., Anaya-Plaza E.
2021Unveiling Polymerization Mechanism in pH-regulated Supramolecular Fibers in Aqueous MediaCasellas N.M., Albertazzi L., Pujals S., Torres T., García-Iglesias M.
2021Fluorescent Carbon Nitride Macrostructures Derived from Triazine-Based CocrystalsBarrio J., Barzilai S., Karjule N., Amo-Ochoa P., Zamora F., Shalom M.
2021Macroscopic Ultralight Aerogel Monoliths of Imine-based Covalent Organic FrameworksMartín-Illán J.Á., Rodríguez-San-Miguel D., Castillo O., Beobide G., Perez-Carvajal J., Imaz I., Maspoch D., Zamora F.
2021Bottom-up Fabrication and Atomic-Scale Characterization of Triply Linked, Laterally π-Extended Porphyrin Nanotapes**Sun Q., Mateo L.M., Robles R., Lorente N., Ruffieux P., Bottari G., Torres T., Fasel R.
2021A MoS2 platform and thionine-carbon nanodots for sensitive and selective detection of pathogensMartínez-Periñán E., García-Mendiola T., Enebral-Romero E., del Caño R., Vera-Hidalgo M., Vázquez Sulleiro M., Navío C., Pariente F., Pérez E.M., Lorenzo E.
20212D MoS2 nanosheets and hematein complexes deposited on screen-printed graphene electrodes as an efficient electrocatalytic sensor for detecting hydrazineVilla-Manso A.M., Revenga-Parra M., Vera-Hidalgo M., Vázquez Sulleiro M., Pérez E.M., Lorenzo E., Pariente F.
2021Tuning the acceptor unit of push–pull porphyrazines for dye-sensitized solar cellsMedina D.-P., Fernández-Ariza J., Urbani M., Sauvage F., Torres T., Rodríguez-Morgade M.S.
2021Subphthalocyanine-Diketopyrrolopyrrole Conjugates: 3D Star-Shaped Systems as Non-Fullerene Acceptors in Polymer Solar Cells with High Open-Circuit VoltageÁlvaro-Martins M.J., Sánchez J.G., Lavarda G., Molina D., Pallarès J., Torres T., Marsal L.F., Sastre-Santos Á.
2021Tuning the Nanoaggregates of Sialylated Biohybrid Photosensitizers for Intracellular Activation of the Photodynamic ResponseAlmeida-Marrero V., Mascaraque M., Jesús Vicente-Arana M., Juarranz Á., Torres T., de la Escosura A.
2021Chalcogen-containing hole transporting materialsGarcía-Benito I., Urieta-Mora J., Molina-Ontoria A., Martín N.
2021Self-Assembled Porphyrinoids: One-Component Nanostructured PhotomedicinesParamio I., Torres T., de la Torre G.
2021Bifunctional carbon nanodots for highly sensitive HER2 determination based on electrochemiluminescenceGuerrero-Esteban T., Gutiérrez-Sánchez C., García-Mendiola T., Revenga-Parra M., Pariente F., Lorenzo E.
2021Peripherally Crowded Cationic Phthalocyanines as Efficient Photosensitizers for Photodynamic TherapyHalaskova M., Rahali A., Almeida-Marrero V., Machacek M., Kucera R., Jamoussi B., Torres T., Novakova V., De La Escosura A., Zimcik P.
2021Copper(i)-iodide cluster structures as functional and processable platform materialsTroyano J., Zamora F., Delgado S.
2021Photoelectrocatalytic detection of NADH on n-type silicon semiconductors facilitated by carbon nanotube fibersdel Barrio M., Rana M., Vilatela J.J., Lorenzo E., De Lacey A.L., Pita M.
2021Self-Assembled Binaphthyl-Bridged Amphiphilic AABB Phthalocyanines: Nanostructures for Efficient Antimicrobial Photodynamic TherapyRevuelta-Maza M.Á., de las Heras E., Agut M., Nonell S., Torres T., de la Torre G.
2021Bioinspired antireflective flexible films with optimized mechanical resistance fabricated by roll to roll thermal nanoimprintJacobo-Martín A., Rueda M., Hernández J.J., Navarro-Baena I., Monclús M.A., Molina-Aldareguia J.M., Rodríguez I.
2021The effect of bulky electron-donating thioether substituents on the performances of phthalocyanine based dye sensitized solar cellsInce M., Kuboi R., Ince T., Yoshimura K., Motoyoshi D., Sonobe M., Kudo R., Mori S., Kimura M., Torres T.
2020Modulating the dynamics of Förster resonance energy transfer and singlet fission by variable molecular spacersZirzlmeier J., Lavarda G., Gotfredsen H., Papadopoulos I., Chen L., Clark T., Tykwinski R.R., Torres T., Guldi D.M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 677
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