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2021Corneal stromal roughness after VisuMax and IntraLase femtosecond laser photodisruption: An atomic force microscopy studyGros-Otero J., Ketabi S., Cañones-Zafra R., Garcia-Gonzalez M., Villa-Collar C., Casado S., Teus M.A.
2021Conformational Control of Chemical Reactivity for Surface-Confined Ru-PorphyrinsKnecht P., Reichert J., Deimel P.S., Feulner P., Haag F., Allegretti F., Garnica M., Schwarz M., Auwärter W., Ryan P.T.P., Lee T.-L., Duncan D.A., Seitsonen A.P., Barth J.V., Papageorgiou A.C.
2021Van der Waals interaction affects wrinkle formation in two-dimensional materialsAres P., Wang Y.B., Woods C.R., Dougherty J., Fumagalli L., Guinea F., Davidovitch B., Novoselov K.S.
2021Tunable large Berry dipole in strained twisted bilayer graphenePantaleón P.A., Low T., Guinea F.
2021Lanthanide-porphyrin species as Kondo irreversible switches through tip-induced coordination chemistryCirera B., Gallego J.M., Martínez J.I., Écija D.
2021Flat bands, strains, and charge distribution in twisted bilayer h-BNWalet N.R., Guinea F.
2021Time-of-flight measurements of the low-energy scattering of CH4from Ir(111)Al Taleb A., Miranda R., Farías D.
2021Indentation of solid membranes on rigid substrates with van der Waals attractionDavidovitch B., Guinea F.
2021Single-Molecule Conductance of 1,4-Azaborine Derivatives as Models of BN-doped PAHsPalomino-Ruiz L., Rodríguez-González S., Fallaque J.G., Márquez I.R., Agraït N., Díaz C., Leary E., Cuerva J.M., Campaña A.G., Martín F., Millán A., González M.T.
2021Dysprosium-directed metallosupramolecular network on graphene/Ir(111)Moreno D., Cirera B., Parreiras S.O., Urgel J.I., Giménez-Agulló N., Lauwaet K., Gallego J.M., Galán-Mascarós J.R., Martínez J.I., Ballester P., Miranda R., Écija D.
2021Electron–phonon coupling in superconducting 1T-PdTe2Anemone G., Casado Aguilar P., Garnica M., Calleja F., Al Taleb A., Kuo C.-N., Lue C.S., Politano A., Vázquez de Parga A.L., Benedek G., Farías D., Miranda R.
2021Tunable Interface of Ruthenium Porphyrins and SilverKnecht P., Ryan P.T.P., Duncan D.A., Jiang L., Reichert J., Deimel P.S., Haag F., Küchle J.T., Allegretti F., Lee T.-L., Schwarz M., Garnica M., Auwärter W., Seitsonen A.P., Barth J.V., Papageorgiou A.C.
2020Tunability of multiple ultraflat bands and effect of spin-orbit coupling in twisted bilayer transition metal dichalcogenidesZhan Z., Zhang Y., Lv P., Zhong H., Yu G., Guinea F., Silva-Guillén J.Á., Yuan S.
2020Tuning band gaps in twisted bilayer Mo S2Zhang Y., Zhan Z., Guinea F., Silva-Guillen J.A., Yuan S.
2020INFRA-ICE: An ultra-high vacuum experimental station for laboratory astrochemistrySantoro G., Sobrado J.M., Tajuelo-Castilla G., Accolla M., Martínez L., Azpeitia J., Lauwaet K., Cernicharo J., Ellis G.J., Martín-Gago J.Á.
2021Long-lived charged states of single porphyrin-tape junctions under ambient conditionsLeary E., Kastlunger G., Limburg B., Rincón-García L., Hurtado-Gallego J., González M.T., Bollinger G.R., Agrait N., Higgins S.J., Anderson H.L., Stadler R., Nichols R.J.
2021Unravelling the Open-Shell Character of Peripentacene on Au(111)Sánchez-Grande A., Urgel J.I., Veis L., Edalatmanesh S., Santos J., Lauwaet K., Mutombo P., Gallego J.M., Brabec J., Beran P., Nachtigallová D., Miranda R., Martín N., Jelínek P., Écija D.
2020On-surface synthesis of doubly-linked one-dimensional pentacene ladder polymersBiswas K., Urgel J.I., Sánchez-Grande A., Edalatmanesh S., Santos J., Cirera B., Mutombo P., Lauwaet K., Miranda R., Jelínek P., Martín N., Écija D.
2021Evidence for a spin acoustic surface plasmon from inelastic atom scatteringBenedek G., Bernasconi M., Campi D., Silkin I.V., Chernov I.P., Silkin V.M., Chulkov E.V., Echenique P.M., Toennies J.P., Anemone G., Al Taleb A., Miranda R., Farías D.
2021Charge-polarized interfacial superlattices in marginally twisted hexagonal boron nitrideWoods C.R., Ares P., Nevison-Andrews H., Holwill M.J., Fabregas R., Guinea F., Geim A.K., Novoselov K.S., Walet N.R., Fumagalli L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 356
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