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2022Interaction of chiral l-dialanine with Cu(100)Martín Romano J.C.; Casado Aguilar P.; Vázquez de Parga A.L.; Garnica M.; Rodríguez de la Fuente O.; Rojo J.M.; Niño M.A.
2022Engineering Periodic Dinuclear Lanthanide-Directed Networks Featuring Tunable Energy Level Alignment and Magnetic Anisotropy by Metal ExchangeMoreno D.; Parreiras S.O.; Urgel J.I.; Muñiz-Cano B.; Martín-Fuentes C.; Lauwaet K.; Valvidares M.; Valbuena M.A.; Gallego J.M.; Martínez J.I.; Gargiani P.; Camarero J.; Miranda R.; Écija D.
2022An atomistic approach for the structural and electronic properties of twisted bilayer graphene-boron nitride heterostructuresLong M.; Pantaleón P.A.; Zhan Z.; Guinea F.; Silva-Guillén J.Á.; Yuan S.
2022Unconventional superconductivity due to interband polarizationCrépel V.; Cea T.; Fu L.; Guinea F.
2022Superconductivity from repulsive interactions in rhombohedral trilayer graphene: A Kohn-Luttinger-like mechanismCea T.; Pantaleón P.A.; Phong V.T.; Guinea F.
2022Strain Switching in van der Waals Heterostructures Triggered by a Spin-Crossover Metal–Organic FrameworkBoix-Constant C.; García-López V.; Navarro-Moratalla E.; Clemente-León M.; Zafra J.L.; Casado J.; Guinea F.; Mañas-Valero S.; Coronado E.
2022Electrically Tunable Reactivity of Substrate-Supported Cobalt Oxide NanocrystalsSánchez-Grande A.; Nguyën H.C.; Lauwaet K.; Rodríguez-Fernández J.; Carrasco E.; Cirera B.; Sun Z.; Urgel J.I.; Miranda R.; Lauritsen J.V.; Gallego J.M.; López N.; Écija D.
2022Defect-Induced π-Magnetism into Non-Benzenoid NanographenesBiswas K.; Yang L.; Ma J.; Sánchez-Grande A.; Chen Q.; Lauwaet K.; Gallego J.M.; Miranda R.; Écija D.; Jelínek P.; Feng X.; Urgel J.I.
2022Electrostatic interactions in twisted bilayer grapheneCea T.; Pantaleón P.A.; Walet N.R.; Guinea F.
2022Controlling the diversity of ion-induced fragmentation pathways by N-methylation of amino acidsBarreiro-Lage D.; Nicolafrancesco C.; Ko?išek J.; Luna A.; Kopyra J.; Alcamí M.; Huber B.A.; Martín F.; Domaracka A.; Rousseau P.; Díaz-Tendero S.
2022Native point defects and their implications for the Dirac point gap at MnBi2Te4(0001)Garnica M.; Otrokov M.M.; Aguilar P.C.; Klimovskikh I.I.; Estyunin D.; Aliev Z.S.; Amiraslanov I.R.; Abdullayev N.A.; Zverev V.N.; Babanly M.B.; Mamedov N.T.; Shikin A.M.; Arnau A.; de Parga A.L.V.; Chulkov E.V.; Miranda R.
2021A Peierls Transition in Long Polymethine Molecular Wires: Evolution of Molecular Geometry and Single-Molecule ConductanceXu W.; Leary E.; Sangtarash S.; Jirasek M.; González M.T.; Christensen K.E.; Abellán Vicente L.; Agraït N.; Higgins S.J.; Nichols R.J.; Lambert C.J.; Anderson H.L.
2021Increasing the Rate of Magnesium Intercalation Underneath Epitaxial Graphene on 6H-SiC(0001)Kotsakidis J.C.; Currie M.; Grubiši?-?abo A.; Tadich A.; Myers-Ward R.L.; DeJarld M.; Daniels K.M.; Liu C.; Edmonds M.T.; Vázquez de Parga A.L.; Fuhrer M.S.; Gaskill D.K.
2021Three-state molecular potentiometer based on a non-symmetrically positioned in-backbone linkerPalomino-Ruiz L.; Reiné P.; Márquez I.R.; Álvarez De Cienfuegos L.; Agraït N.; Cuerva J.M.; Campaña A.G.; Leary E.; Miguel D.; Millán A.; Zotti L.A.; González M.T.
2021On-Surface Synthesis of a Dicationic Diazahexabenzocoronene Derivative on the Au(111) SurfaceBiswas K.; Urgel J.I.; Xu K.; Ma J.; Sánchez-Grande A.; Mutombo P.; Gallardo A.; Lauwaet K.; Mallada B.; de la Torre B.; Matej A.; Gallego J.M.; Miranda R.; Jelínek P.; Feng X.; Écija D.
2021Impact of electrostatic fields in layered crystalline BCS superconductorsChirolli L.; Cea T.; Giazotto F.
2021Purcell-like Enhancement of Electron-Phonon Interactions in Long-Period Superlattices: Linear-Temperature Resistivity and Cooling PowerIshizuka H.; Fahimniya A.; Guinea F.; Levitov L.
2021Timing of charge migration in betaine by impact of fast atomic ionsRousseau P.; González-Vázquez J.; Piekarski D.G.; Kopyra J.; Domaracka A.; Alcamí M.; Adoui L.; Huber B.A.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Martín F.
2021Efficient photogeneration of nonacene on nanostructured grapheneAyani C.G.; Pisarra M.; Urgel J.I.; Navarro J.J.; Díaz C.; Hayashi H.; Yamada H.; Calleja F.; Miranda R.; Fasel R.; Martín F.; Vázquez De Parga A.L.
2021High transmission in twisted bilayer graphene with angle disorderSainz-Cruz H.; Cea T.; Pantaleón P.A.; Guinea F.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 384
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