2,7- and 4,9-Dialkynyldihydropyrene Molecular Switches: Syntheses, Properties, and Charge Transport in Single-Molecule Junctions
Journal of the American Chemical Society
"Chemistry, School of Molecular Sciences, The University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley, WA 6009, Australia"," Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool, Crown Street, Liverpool, L69 7ZD, United Kingdom"," Department of Physics, King Khalid University, Abha, 62529, Saudi Arabia"," Department of Physics, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YB, United Kingdom"," Condensed Matter Physics Center (IFIMAC), Instituto Universitatio de Ciencia de Materiales "nicolás Cabrera" (INC), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, E-28049, Spain"," School of Engineering, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, United Kingdom"," Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis, The University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA 6009, Australia"," School of Molecular and Life Sciences, Curtin University, Perth, WA 6102, Australia"," Instituto Madrileño de Estudios Avanzados en Nanociencia IMDEA-Nanociencia, Madrid, E-28049, Spain"
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