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8-Sep-2017Synthesis of novel photosensitizer-silica nanoparticle hybrids for controlled 1O2 release in cancer photodynamic therapyWioleta Borzęcka
18-May-2020The applications of CVD grown graphene in surface-enhanced Raman scattering and Förster resonance energy transferYansheng Liu
14-Dec-2020Synthesis, Supramolecular Organization and Biological Properties of Phthalocyanine-Sialic Acid Biohybrid PhotosensitizersVeronica Almeida Marrero
16-Jul-2021Nanoscale coordination polymers with molecular recognition. From nanocarriers and selective separations to 3D printingVerónica García Vegas
14-Oct-2021Reversible activation dynamics of tethered Osmium(ii) half-sandwich complexes for biological applicationsSonia Infante Tadeo
24-Sep-2021Ultrafast Dynamics in Light-Harvesting Molecules with Optical and X-ray SpectroscopiesTae Kyu Choi
11-Dec-2018Covalent and supramolecular wires in the search for electrical and thermoelectrical propertiesValentina Sacchetti
24-Sep-2020Molecular machines and materials based on mechanically interlocked carbon nanotubesSofía Mena Hernando
18-Dec-2020Dinámica de vórtices superconductores en potenciales variablesVíctor Rollano García
25-Apr-2014Mecanismos moleculares implicados en la infeccion del bacteriófago T7Verónica González
23-Mar-2018Insights into Hydrogen Bonded Systems: From Single Molecule To The BulkTeresa Naranjo
13-Dec-2019Imaging amyloid fibers at the nanoscale: method development and applications for hybrid materials and biomedicinePatricia Bondia
15-Oct-2012Grafeno epitaxial en metales de transicion: estudio mediante microscopia y espectroscopia de efecto tunelSara Barja
27-Oct-2017Adsorbate-induced stiffening, quantum thermopower and photoresponse intwo-dimensional materialsSimon Svatek
25-Nov-2016Engineering Repeat Proteins as building blocks for functional nanostructures and materialsSara Hernández Mejías
11-Jan-2016Nanobiotechnology and Nanomaterials for Gene Expression and Bacterial Growth ControlSiamak Javani
12-Jan-2016Study of diatomic molecules under short intense laser pulsesRui E. Ferreira da Silva
16-Dec-2019Nanomateriales para almacenamiento magnético de informaciónSandra Ruiz Gomez
30-Jun-2017New Avenues for the chemical modification of 1D and 2D nanomaterialsSofía Leret
27-Oct-2015Tracing degradation effects in organic solar cellsSafakath Karuthedath
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 145
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