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2023Development of W-Band Dual-Polarization Kinetic Inductance Detectors on SiliconDe Ory M.C.; Rodriguez D.; De La Fuente L.; Aja B.; Villa E.; Bordner D.; Pascual J.P.; Granados, Daniel; Artal E.; Gomez A.
2022Efficient cooling of spintronic THz emitter in reflection geometryVogel T.; Omar A.; Mansourzadeh S.; Wulf F.; Sabanes N.M.; Muller M.; Seifert T.S.; Weigel A.; Jakob G.; Klaui M.; Pupeza I.; Kampfrath T.; Saraceno C.J.
2022Optimizing nucleation layers for the integration of ferroelectric HZO on CVD-grown grapheneLancaster S.; Arnay I.; Guerrero R.; Gudin A.; Mikolajick T.; Perna, Paolo; Slesazeck S.
2022High-Power Excitation of Spintronic THz Emitter in the Back-Cooled Reflection GeometryVogel T.; Omar A.; Mansourzadeh S.; Wulf F.; Sabanés N.M.; Müller M.; Seifert T.; Weigel A.; Jakob G.; Kläui M.; Pupeza I.; Kampfrath T.; Saraceno C.J.
2021Attosecond Ionization Time Delay around a Shape Resonance in Nitrogen Measured by the RABBIT-2ω methodLoriot V.; Marciniak A.; Nandi S.; Karras G.; Hervé M.; Constant E.; Plésiat E.; Palacios A.; Martín, Fernando; Lépine F.
2021Modeling the interaction of patients carrying implants with electromagnetic-based biomedical technologiesZilberti L.; Arduino A.; Bottauscio O.; Chiampi M.; Zanovello U.; Torchio R.; Rubia-Rodríguez I.; Baruffaldi F.; Ortega D.
2020Integrated all-optical VO2/Si waveguide switchParra J.; Angelova T.; Menghini, Mariela; Homm P.; Locquet J.-P.; Sanchis P.
2020Microscopic and kelvin probe study of charge transporting layers role in mapi perovskites with varied compositionKulicek J.; Abudulimu A.; Liu L.; Liu G.; Qi C.; Rezek B.
2016Chiral asymmetry driven by unidirectional magnetic anisotropy in Spin-Orbitronic systemsPerna, Paolo; Ajejas F.; Maccariello D.; Guerrero R.; Camarero, Julio; Miranda, Rodolfo
2016Decoherence, control and attosecond probing of XUV-induced charge migration in biomolecules. A theoretical outlookLara-Astiaso M.; Ayuso D.; Tavernelli I.; Decleva P.; Palacios A.; Martín, Fernando
2014Sterically hindered phthalocyanines for dye-sensitized solar cells: Influence of the distance between the aromatic core and the anchoring groupRagoussi M.-E.; Yum J.-H.; Chandiran A.K.; Ince M.; De La Torre G.; Grätzel M.; Nazeeruddin M.K.; Torres, Tomás
2014Electrochemical study of platinum deposited by electron beam evaporation for application as fuel cell electrodesRaso M.A.; Carrillo I.; Mora E.; Navarro E.; Garcia M.A.; Leo T.J.
2014Effective high-energy ball milling in air of Fe65Co35 alloysSirvent P.; Berganza E.; Aragón A.M.; Bollero, Alberto; Moure A.; García-Hernández M.; Marín P.; Fernández J.F.; Quesada A.
2014Continuum-continuum transitions between resonant states using the RABITT techniqueJiménez A.; Argenti L.; Martín, Fernando
2014Degradation effects on charge carrier transport in P3HT:PCBM solar cells studied by photo-CELIV and ToFStephen M.; Karuthedath S.; Sauermann T.; Genevičius K.; Juška G.
2014Ultrafast nonadiabatic fragmentation dynamics of biomoleculesLópez-Tarifa P.; Piekarski D.G.; Rossich E.; Du Penhoat M.-A.H.; Vuilleumier R.; Gaigeot M.-P.; Tavernelli I.; Politis M.-F.; Wang Y.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.
2014Effects of molecular potential and geometry on atomic core-level photoemission over an extended energy range - The case study of CO moleculeKukk E.; Ayuso D.; Thomas T.D.; Decleva P.; Patanen M.; Argenti L.; Plésiat E.; Palacios A.; Kooser K.; Travnikova O.; Mondal S.; Kimura M.; Sakai K.; Miron C.; Martín, Fernando; Ueda K.
2014Fragmentation of amino acids induced by collisions with low-energy highly charged ionsPiekarski D.G.; Maclot S.; Domaracka A.; Adoui L.; Alcamí M.; Rousseau P.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Huber B.A.; Martín, Fernando
2014Fragmentation dynamics of excited ionized polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsParis C.; Silva H.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Rapacioli M.; Spiegelman F.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.
2014Bond formation in C+59-C60 collisionsZettergren H.; Rousseau P.; Wang Y.; Seitz F.; Chen T.; Gatchell M.; Alexander J.D.; Stockett M.H.; Rangama J.; Chesnel J.Y.; Capron M.; Poully J.C.; Domaracka A.; Méry A.; Maclot S.; Vizcaino V.; Schmidt H.T.; Adoui L.; Alcamí M.; Tielens A.G.G.M.; Martín, Fernando; Huber B.A.; Cederquist H.
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 127
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