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2021Unravelling the Open-Shell Character of Peripentacene on Au(111)Sánchez-Grande A., Urgel J.I., Veis L., Edalatmanesh S., Santos J., Lauwaet K., Mutombo P., Gallego J.M., Brabec J., Beran P., Nachtigallová D., Miranda R., Martín N., Jelínek P., Écija D.
2020On-surface synthesis of doubly-linked one-dimensional pentacene ladder polymersBiswas K., Urgel J.I., Sánchez-Grande A., Edalatmanesh S., Santos J., Cirera B., Mutombo P., Lauwaet K., Miranda R., Jelínek P., Martín N., Écija D.
2021Long-lived charged states of single porphyrin-tape junctions under ambient conditionsLeary E., Kastlunger G., Limburg B., Rincón-García L., Hurtado-Gallego J., González M.T., Bollinger G.R., Agrait N., Higgins S.J., Anderson H.L., Stadler R., Nichols R.J.
2021Evidence for a spin acoustic surface plasmon from inelastic atom scatteringBenedek G., Bernasconi M., Campi D., Silkin I.V., Chernov I.P., Silkin V.M., Chulkov E.V., Echenique P.M., Toennies J.P., Anemone G., Al Taleb A., Miranda R., Farías D.
2021Charge-polarized interfacial superlattices in marginally twisted hexagonal boron nitrideWoods C.R., Ares P., Nevison-Andrews H., Holwill M.J., Fabregas R., Guinea F., Geim A.K., Novoselov K.S., Walet N.R., Fumagalli L.
2016Understanding the self-assembly of TCNQ on Cu(111): A combined study based on scanning tunnelling microscopy experiments and density functional theory simulationsStradi D., Borca B., Barja S., Garnica M., Díaz C., Rodríguez-García J.M., Alcamí M., Vázquez De Parga A.L., Miranda R., Martín F.
2016Theoretical study of the interaction between molecular hydrogen and [MC60]+ complexesRobledo M., Díaz-Tendero S., Martín F., Alcamí M.
2016Tetracene confinement in L-methionine gratings on the Ag(111) surfaceUrgel J.I., Vijayaraghavan S., Ecija D., Auwärter W., Barth J.V.
2016Organic Covalent Patterning of Nanostructured Graphene with Selectivity at the Atomic LevelNavarro J.J., Leret S., Calleja F., Stradi D., Black A., Bernardo-Gavito R., Garnica M., Granados D., Vázquez De Parga A.L., Pérez E.M., Miranda R.
2016Observation of Localized Vibrational Modes of Graphene Nanodomes by Inelastic Atom ScatteringMaccariello D., Al Taleb A., Calleja F., Vázquez De Parga A.L., Perna P., Camarero J., Gnecco E., Farías D., Miranda R.
2016Structure, Ionization, and Fragmentation of Neutral and Positively Charged Hydrogenated Carbon Clusters: CnHmq+ (n = 1-5, m = 1-4, q = 0-3)Sánchez J.P., Aguirre N.F., Díaz-Tendero S., Martín F., Alcamí M.
2016Is C50 a superaromat? Evidence from electronic structure and ring current calculationsMatías A.S., Havenith R.W.A., Alcamí M., Ceulemans A.
2016Dysprosium-carboxylate nanomeshes with tunable cavity size and assembly motif through ionic interactionsCirera B., Dorevi? L., Otero R., Gallego J.M., Bonifazi D., Miranda R., Ecija D.
2016Inverse funnel effect of excitons in strained black phosphorusSan-Jose P., Parente V., Guinea F., Roldán R., Prada E.
2016Dynamics and thermal stability of surface-confined metal-organic chainsEcija D., Marschall M., Reichert J., Kasperski A., Nieckarz D., Szabelski P., Auwärter W., Barth J.V.
2016Tunable lanthanide-directed metallosupramolecular networks by exploiting coordinative flexibility through ligand stoichiometryLyu G., Zhang Q., Urgel J.I., Kuang G., Auwärter W., Ecija D., Barth J.V., Lin N.
2014Fragmentation dynamics of doubly charged methionine in the gas phaseHa D.T., Wang Y., Alcamí M., Itälä E., Kooser K., Urpelainen S., Huels M.A., Kukk E., Martín F.
2014Effect of chloride ligands on cdse nanocrystals by cyclic voltammetry and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopyDe La Cueva L., Lauwaet K., Otero R., Gallego J.M., Alonso C., Juarez B.H.
2014Shape evolution of CdSe nanoparticles controlled by halogen compoundsMeyns M., Iacono F., Palencia C., Geweke J., Coderch M.D., Fittschen U.E.A., Gallego J.M., Otero R., Juárez B.H., Klinke C.
2014Non-statistical fragmentation of PAHs and fullerenes in collisions with atomsGatchell M., Stockett M.H., Rousseau P., Chen T., Kulyk K., Schmidt H.T., Chesnel J.Y., Domaracka A., Méry A., Maclot S., Adoui L., Støchkel K., Hvelplund P., Wang Y., Alcamí M., Huber B.A., Martín F., Zettergren H., Cederquist H.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 361
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