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2016Edge modes in zigzag and armchair ribbons of monolayer MoS2Rostami H., Asgari R., Guinea F.
2016Collective concerted motion in a molecular adlayer visualized through the surface diffusion of isolated vacanciesUrban C., Otero R., Écija D., Trelka M., Martín N., Gallego J.M., Miranda R.
2016Covalent organic frameworks based on Schiff-base chemistry: Synthesis, properties and potential applicationsSegura J.L., Mancheño M.J., Zamora F.
2016Luminescent transition metal dichalcogenide nanosheets through one-step liquid phase exfoliationBernal M.M., Álvarez L., Giovanelli E., Arnáiz A., Ruiz-González L., Casado S., Granados D., Pizarro A.M., Castellanos-Gomez A., Pérez E.M.
2016Topological features of engineered arrays of adsorbates in honeycomb latticesGonzalez-Arraga L.A., Lado J.L., Guinea F.
2016Reduced graphene oxide-carboxymethylcellulose layered with platinum nanoparticles/PAMAM dendrimer/magnetic nanoparticles hybrids. Application to the preparation of enzyme electrochemical biosensorsBorisova B., Sánchez A., Jiménez-Falcao S., Martín M., Salazar P., Parrado C., Pingarrón J.M., Villalonga R.
2016Diffraction of H from LiF(001): From slow normal incidence to fast grazing incidenceMuzas A.S., Gatti F., Martín F., Díaz C.
2016Photoinduced Electron Transfer in a Zinc Phthalocyanine–Fullerene Conjugate Connected by a Long Flexible SpacerLederer M., Ince M., Martinez-Diaz M.V., Torres T., Guldi D.M.
2016Protein design for nanostructural engineering: Concluding remarks and future directionsGrove T.Z., Cortajarena A.L.
2016Designed repeat proteins as building blocks for nanofabricationMejias S.H., Aires A., Couleaud P., Cortajarena A.L.