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2016In-situ particles reorientation during magnetic hyperthermia application: Shape matters twiceSimeonidis K., Morales M.P., Marciello M., Angelakeris M., De La Presa P., Lazaro-Carrillo A., Tabero A., Villanueva A., Chubykalo-Fesenko O., Serantes D.
2016The role of local triplet excited states and D-A relative orientation in thermally activated delayed fluorescence: Photophysics and devicesDias F.B., Santos J., Graves D.R., Data P., Nobuyasu R.S., Fox M.A., Batsanov A.S., Palmeira T., Berberan-Santos M.N., Bryce M.R., Monkman A.P.
2016Angular dependence of photoemission time delay in heliumHeuser S., Galán A.J., Cirelli C., Marante C., Sabbar M., Boge R., Lucchini M., Gallmann L., Ivanov I., Kheifets A.S., Dahlström J.M., Lindroth E., Argenti L., Martín F., Keller U.
2016Strong Quantum Confinement Effect in the Optical Properties of Ultrathin α-In2Se3Quereda J., Biele R., Rubio-Bollinger G., Agraït N., D'Agosta R., Castellanos-Gomez A.
2016Nanostructured electrochemical detector for the quantification of amino acids related to metabolic diseasesMartínez-Periñán E., Revenga-Parra M., Zamora F., Pariente F., Lorenzo E.
2016A fluorescence gas sensor based on Förster Resonance Energy Transfer between polyfluorene and bromocresol green assembled in thin filmsGuillén M.G., Gámez F., Lopes-Costa T., Cabanillas-González J., Pedrosa J.M.
2016Mazes and meso-islands: Impact of Ag preadsorption on Ge growth on Si(111)Schmidt T., Speckmann M., Flege J.I., Müller-Caspary K., Heidmann I., Kubelka-Lange A., Mente? T.O., Niño M.Á., Locatelli A., Rosenauer A., Falta J.
2016Mechanically controlled quantum interference in individual Ï-stacked dimersFrisenda R., Janssen V.A.E.C., Grozema F.C., Van Der Zant H.S.J., Renaud N.
2016Atomically resolved phase transition of fullerene cations solvated in helium dropletsKuhn M., Renzler M., Postler J., Ralser S., Spieler S., Simpson M., Linnartz H., Tielens A.G.G.M., Cami J., Mauracher A., Wang Y., Alcamí M., Martín F., Beyer M.K., Wester R., Lindinger A., Scheier P.
2016Attosecond dynamics through a Fano resonance: Monitoring the birth of a photoelectronGruson V., Barreau L., Jiménez-Galan Á., Risoud F., Caillat J., Maquet A., Carré B., Lepetit F., Hergott J.-F., Ruchon T., Argenti L., Taïeb R., Martín F., Salières P.