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2016Titanium trisulfide (TiS3): A 2D semiconductor with quasi-1D optical and electronic propertiesIsland J.O., Biele R., Barawi M., Clamagirand J.M., Ares J.R., Sánchez C., Van Der Zant H.S.J., Ferrer I.J., D'Agosta R., Castellanos-Gomez A.
2016Multi-luminescent switching of metal-free organic phosphors for luminometric detection of organic solventsKwon M.S., Jordahl J.H., Phillips A.W., Chung K., Lee S., Gierschner J., Lahann J., Kim J.
2016Highly concentrated and stable few-layers graphene suspensions in pure and volatile organic solventsAzani M.R., Hassanpour A., Carcelén V., Gibaja C., Granados D., Mas-Ballesté R., Zamora F.
2016Determination of Energy-Transfer Distributions in Ionizing Ion-Molecule CollisionsMaclot S., Delaunay R., Piekarski D.G., Domaracka A., Huber B.A., Adoui L., Martín F., Alcamí M., Avaldi L., Bolognesi P., Díaz-Tendero S., Rousseau P.
2016Sub-nanometer resolution of an organic semiconductor crystal surface using friction force microscopy in waterPimentel C., Varghese S., Yoon S.-J., Park S.Y., Gierschner J., Gnecco E., Pina C.M.
2016Thermopower measurements in molecular junctionsRincón-García L., Evangeli C., Rubio-Bollinger G., Agraït N.
2016Organic Single Crystal Lasers: A Materials ViewGierschner J., Varghese S., Park S.Y.
2016Multi-tasking Schiff base ligand: A new concept of AuNPs synthesisAbad J.M., Bravo I., Pariente F., Lorenzo E.
2016Modified RNAs in CRISPR/Cas9: An Old Trick Works AgainLatorre A., Latorre A., Somoza Á.
2016Conjugated Porphyrin Dimers: Cooperative Effects and Electronic Communication in Supramolecular Ensembles with C60Moreira L., Calbo J., Aragó J., Illescas B.M., Nierengarten I., Delavaux-Nicot B., Ortí E., Martín N., Nierengarten J.-F.