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2016Edge modes in zigzag and armchair ribbons of monolayer MoS2Rostami H., Asgari R., Guinea F.
2016Universal shape and pressure inside bubbles appearing in van der Waals heterostructuresKhestanova E., Guinea F., Fumagalli L., Geim A.K., Grigorieva I.V.
2016Experimental and theoretical study of rotationally inelastic diffraction of H2(D2) from methyl-terminated Si(111)Nihill K.J., Hund Z.M., Muzas A., Díaz C., Del Cueto M., Frankcombe T., Plymale N.T., Lewis N.S., Martín F., Sibener S.J.
2016Topological features of engineered arrays of adsorbates in honeycomb latticesGonzalez-Arraga L.A., Lado J.L., Guinea F.
2016Electron-phonon vertex and its influence on the superconductivity of two-dimensional metals on a piezoelectric substrateGonzález D.G., Sols F., Guinea F., Zapata I.
2016Reduced graphene oxide-carboxymethylcellulose layered with platinum nanoparticles/PAMAM dendrimer/magnetic nanoparticles hybrids. Application to the preparation of enzyme electrochemical biosensorsBorisova B., Sánchez A., Jiménez-Falcao S., Martín M., Salazar P., Parrado C., Pingarrón J.M., Villalonga R.
2016Diffraction of H from LiF(001): From slow normal incidence to fast grazing incidenceMuzas A.S., Gatti F., Martín F., Díaz C.
2016Photoinduced Electron Transfer in a Zinc Phthalocyanine–Fullerene Conjugate Connected by a Long Flexible SpacerLederer M., Ince M., Martinez-Diaz M.V., Torres T., Guldi D.M.
2016Protein design for nanostructural engineering: General aspectsGrove T.Z., Cortajarena A.L.
2016A guide to lifting aperiodic structuresBaake M., Écija D., Grimm U.