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2016Disruption of higher order DNA structures in friedreich's ataxia (GAA)n Repeats by PNA or LNA TargetingBergquist H., Rocha C.S.J., Alvarez-Asencio R., Nguyen C.-H., Rutland M.W., Edvard Smith C.I., Good L., Nielsen P.E., Zain R.
2016The Negishi Catalysis: Full Study of the Complications in the Transmetalation Step and Consequences for the Coupling ProductsDel Pozo J., Salas G., Álvarez R., Casares J.A., Espinet P.
2016Attosecond dynamics through a Fano resonance: Monitoring the birth of a photoelectronGruson V., Barreau L., Jiménez-Galan Á., Risoud F., Caillat J., Maquet A., Carré B., Lepetit F., Hergott J.-F., Ruchon T., Argenti L., Taïeb R., Martín F., Salières P.
2016Resonant energy transport in dye-filled monolithic crystals of zeolite L: Modeling of inhomogeneityViani L., Minoia A., Cornil J., Beljonne D., Egelhaaf H.-J., Gierschner J.
2016Targeting cancer cells with photoactive silica nanoparticlesBorz?cka W., Trindade T., Torres T., Tome J.
2016Growth and characterization of 7,7,8,8-tetracyano-quinodimethane crystals on chemical vapor deposition grapheneBlack A., Jiménez F., Bernardo-Gavito R., Casado S., Granados D., Vázquez de Parga A.L.
2016Optimizing CuO p-type dye-sensitized solar cells by using a comprehensive electrochemical impedance spectroscopic studyLangmar O., Ganivet C.R., De La Torre G., Torres T., Costa R.D., Guldi D.M.
2016Introducing rigid π-conjugated peripheral substituents in phthalocyanines for DSSCsTejerina L., Caballero E., Martínez-Díaz M.V., Nazeeruddin M.K., Grätzel M., Torres T.
2016Magnetic versus non-magnetic pinning of vortices in superconducting films: Role of effective penetration depthDel Valle J., Gomez A., Gonzalez E.M., Vicent J.L.