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2014Ultrasound-induced transformation of fluorescent organic nanoparticles from a molecular rotor into rhomboidal nanocrystals with enhanced emissionKoenig M., Torres T., Barone V., Brancato G., Guldi D.M., Bottari G.
2014Formation of multigradient porous surfaces for selective bacterial entrapmentDe León A.S., Del Campo A., Cortajarena A.L., Fernández-García M., Muñoz-Bonilla A., Rodríguez-Hernández J.
2014Nanoelectrical analysis of single molecules and atomic-scale materials at the solid/liquid interfaceNirmalraj P., Thompson D., Molina-Ontoria A., Sousa M., Martín N., Gotsmann B., Riel H.
2014An insight into the mechanism of the axial ligand exchange reaction in boron subphthalocyanine macrocyclesGuilleme J., Martínez-Fernández L., González-Rodríguez D., Corral I., Yáñez M., Torres T.
2014Efficient synthesis of ABAB functionalized phthalocyaninesFazio E., Jaramillo-García J., De La Torre G., Torres T.
2014Modern synthetic tools toward the preparation of sophisticated phthalocyanine-based photoactive systemsRagoussi M.-E., Torres T.
2014Multifunctionalization of magnetic nanoparticles for controlled drug release: A general approachLatorre A., Couleaud P., Aires A., Cortajarena A.L., Somoza Á.
2014Fabrication of low-cost paper-based microfluidic devices by embossing or cut-and-stack methodsThuo M.M., Martinez R.V., Lan W.-J., Liu X., Barber J., Atkinson M.B.J., Bandarage D., Bloch J.-F., Whitesides G.M.
2014Biomimetic oxidation of pyrene and related aromatic hydrocarbons. Unexpected electron accepting abilities of pyrenequinonesLópez-Moreno A., Clemente-Tejeda D., Calbo J., Naeimi A., Bermejo F.A., Ortí E., Pérez E.M.
2014Reconstitution of respiratory complex I on a biomimetic membrane supported on gold electrodesGutiérrez-Sanz O., Olea D., Pita M., Batista A.P., Alonso A., Pereira M.M., Vélez M., De Lacey A.L.