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2016Tuning high-harmonic generation by controlled deposition of ultrathin ionic layers on metal surfacesAguirre N.F.; Martín, Fernando
2014Time reconstruction of harmonic emission in molecules near the ionization thresholdRivière P.; Morales F.; Richter M.; Medisauskas L.; Smirnova O.; Martín, Fernando
2014High harmonic spectroscopy of electron localization in the hydrogen molecular ionMorales F.; Rivière P.; Richter M.; Gubaydullin A.; Ivanov M.; Smirnova O.; Martín, Fernando
2014Electron streaking and dissociation in laser-assisted photoionization of molecular hydrogenPalacios A.; González-Castrillo A.; Martín, Fernando
2014Hybrid Gaussian-B-spline basis for the electronic continuum: Photoionization of atomic hydrogenMarante C.; Argenti L.; Martín, Fernando
2015Time delay anisotropy in photoelectron emission from isotropic heliumHeuser S.; Jiménez-Gálan Á.; Cirelli C.; Sabbar M.; Boge R.; Lucchini M.; Gallmann L.; Ivanov I.; Kheifets A.; Dahlström J.M.; Lindroth E.; Argenti L.; Martín, Fernando; Keller U.
2015Internal energy dependence in x-ray-induced molecular fragmentation: An experimental and theoretical study of thiopheneKukk E.; Ha D.T.; Wang Y.; Piekarski D.G.; Diaz-Tendero S.; Kooser K.; Itälä E.; Levola H.; Alcamí M.; Rachlew E.; Martín, Fernando
2015Quantum mechanics: Thought experiments made realMartín, Fernando
2017Hybrid-Basis Close-Coupling Interface to Quantum Chemistry Packages for the Treatment of Ionization ProblemsMarante C.; Klinker M.; Corral I.; González-Vázquez J.; Argenti L.; Martín, Fernando
2017Effect of potential screening on the H2 autoionizing statesOrdóñez-Lasso A.F.; Sanz-Vicario J.L.; Martín, Fernando