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2020Polypeptide formation in clusters of β-alanine amino acids by single ion impactRousseau P.; Piekarski D.G.; Capron M.; Domaracka A.; Adoui L.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Huber B.A.
2020Hydrogenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: Isomerism and aromaticityPla P.; Wang Y.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.
2020Ultrafast Laser-Induced Isomerization Dynamics in AcetonitrileMcDonnell M.; Laforge A.C.; Reino-González J.; Disla M.; Kling N.G.; Mishra D.; Obaid R.; Sundberg M.; Svoboda V.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Martín, Fernando; Berrah N.
2020Defect formation in a graphene overlayer on ruthenium under high pressurePisarra M.; Díaz C.; Martín, Fernando
2014Electron streaking and dissociation in laser-assisted photoionization of molecular hydrogenPalacios A.; González-Castrillo A.; Martín, Fernando
2014Vibrationally resolved C 1s photoionization cross section of CF4Patanen M.; Kooser K.; Argenti L.; Ayuso D.; Kimura M.; Mondal S.; Plésiat E.; Palacios A.; Sakai K.; Travnikova O.; Decleva P.; Kukk E.; Miron C.; Ueda K.; Martín, Fernando
2014Special issue on ultrafast electron and molecular dynamicsMartín, Fernando; Hishikawa A.; Vrakking M.
2014Chain-length and temperature dependence of self-assembled monolayers of alkylthiolates on Au(111) and Ag(111) surfacesWang Y.; Solano Canchaya J.G.; Dong W.; Alcamí M.; Busnengo H.F.; Martín, Fernando
2012Helium, neon and argon diffraction from Ru(0001)Minniti M.; Díaz C.; Fernández Cuñado J.L.; Politano A.; Maccariello D.; Martín, Fernando; Farías D.; Miranda, Rodolfo
2020Quantum state holography to reconstruct the molecular wave packet using an attosecond XUV–XUV pump-probe techniqueGonzález-Castrillo A.; Martín, Fernando; Palacios A.