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2020Femtochemistry under scrutiny: Clocking state-resolved channels in the photodissociation of CH3I in the A -bandMurillo-Sánchez M.L.; González-Vázquez J.; Corrales M.E.; De Nalda R.; Martínez-Núñez E.; García-Vela A.; Bañares, Luis
2020On-Surface Synthesis and Characterization of Triply Fused Porphyrin–Graphene Nanoribbon HybridsMateo L.M.; Sun Q.; Liu S.-X.; Bergkamp J.J.; Eimre K.; Pignedoli C.A.; Ruffieux P.; Decurtins S.; Bottari, Giovanni; Fasel R.; Torres, Tomás
2020Synthesis of Phosphoramidite Monomers Equipped with Complementary Bases for Solid-Phase DNA OligomerizationRomero-Pérez S.; López-Martín I.; Martos-Maldonado M.C.; Somoza, Álvaro; González-Rodríguez D.
2020One-pot synthesis, crystal structure and theoretical calculations of a dinuclear Mn(III) complex with in-situ generated O,N,O- and O,N-donor dichelating hydrazone ligandPousaneh E.; Sadighian S.; Bikas R.; Hosseini-Monfared H.; Sousaraei A.; Siczek M.; Lis T.
2021Water soluble iron-based coordination trimers as synergistic adjuvants for pancreatic cancerCordani M.; Resines-Urien E.; Gamonal A.; Milán-Rois P.; Salmon L.; Bousseksou A.; Sánchez Costa, Jose; Somoza, Álvaro
2021Evidence for a spin acoustic surface plasmon from inelastic atom scatteringBenedek G.; Bernasconi M.; Campi D.; Silkin I.V.; Chernov I.P.; Silkin V.M.; Chulkov E.V.; Echenique P.M.; Toennies J.P.; Anemone G.; Al Taleb A.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Farías D.
2021Charge-polarized interfacial superlattices in marginally twisted hexagonal boron nitrideWoods C.R.; Ares P.; Nevison-Andrews H.; Holwill M.J.; Fabregas R.; Guinea, Francisco; Geim A.K.; Novoselov K.S.; Walet N.R.; Fumagalli L.
2021On-surface synthesis of singly and doubly porphyrin-capped graphene nanoribbon segmentsMateo L.M.; Sun Q.; Eimre K.; Pignedoli C.A.; Torres, Tomás; Fasel R.; Bottari, Giovanni
2021Analysis and Performance of Lumped-Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors for W-BandAja B.; De Ory M.C.; Fuente L.D.L.; Artal E.; Pascual J.P.; Magaz M.T.; Granados, Daniel; Gomez A.
2021Spin-orbit torque from the introduction of Cu interlayers in Pt/Cu/Co/Pt nanolayered structures for spintronic devicesAnadon A.; Guerrero R.; Jover-Galtier J.A.; Gudín A.; Díez Toledano J.M.; Olleros-Rodríguez P.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Camarero, Julio; Perna, Paolo