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2020Eukaryotic transcription factors can track and control their target genes using DNA antennasCastellanos M., Mothi N., Muñoz V.
2020Panchromatic Light Harvesting and Stabilizing Charge-Separated States in Corrole–Phthalocyanine Conjugates through Coordinating a SubphthalocyanineBerna B.B., Platzer B., Wolf M., Lavarda G., Nardis S., Galloni P., Torres T., Guldi D.M., Paolesse R.
2020Synergy of Electrostatic and π–π Interactions in the Realization of Nanoscale Artificial Photosynthetic Model SystemsAnaya-Plaza E., Joseph J., Bauroth S., Wagner M., Dolle C., Sekita M., Gröhn F., Spiecker E., Clark T., de la Escosura A., Guldi D.M., Torres T.
2020Annulative π-extension of BODIPYs made easy: Via gold(i)-catalyzed cycloisomerizationLabella J., Durán-Sampedro G., Martínez-Díaz M.V., Torres T.
2020The influence of cation incorporation and leaching in the properties of Mn-doped nanoparticles for biomedical applicationsGarcía-Soriano D., Amaro R., Lafuente-Gómez N., Milán-Rois P., Somoza Á., Navío C., Herranz F., Gutiérrez L., Salas G.
2020Redox Metal-Ligand Cooperativity Enables Robust and Efficient Water Oxidation Catalysis at Neutral pH with Macrocyclic Copper ComplexesGarrido-Barros P., Moonshiram D., Gil-Sepulcre M., Pelosin P., Gimbert-Suriñach C., Benet-Buchholz J., Llobet A.
2020Inducing Open-Shell Character in Porphyrins through Surface-Assisted Phenalenyl π-ExtensionSun Q., Mateo L.M., Robles R., Ruffieux P., Lorente N., Bottari G., Torres T., Fasel R.
2020Hydrogenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: Isomerism and aromaticityPla P., Wang Y., Martín F., Alcamí M.
2020Indium Tin Oxide optical access for magnetic tunnel junctions in hybrid spintronic-photonic circuitsOlivier A., Avilés-Félix L., Chavent A., lvaro-Goémez L., Rubio-Roy M., Auffret S., Vila L., Dieny B., Sousa R.C., Prejbeanu I.L.
2020Lessons about Protein Folding and Binding from Archetypal FoldsCampos L.A., Sadqi M., Munõz V.