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2016Phthalocyanine-Perylenediimide Cart WheelsFernández-Ariza J., Krick Calderón R.M., Salomé Rodríguez-Morgade M., Guldi D.M., Torres T.
2016Electronic band structure of transition metal dichalcogenides from ab initio and slater-koster tight-binding modelSilva-Guillén J., San-Jose P., Roldán R.
2016Electrocatalytic processes promoted by diamond nanoparticles in enzymatic biosensing devicesBriones M., Petit-Domínguez M.D., Parra-Alfambra A.M., Vázquez L., Pariente F., Lorenzo E., Casero E.
2016Dyes as bifunctional markers of DNA hybridization on surfaces and mutation detectionGarcía-Mendiola T., Cerro M.R., López-Moreno J.M., Pariente F., Lorenzo E.
2016Extracellular heat shock protein 90 binding to TGFβ receptor I participates in TGFβ-mediated collagen production in myocardial fibroblastsGarcía R., Merino D., Gómez J.M., Nistal J.F., Hurlé M.A., Cortajarena A.L., Villar A.V.
2016Electrostatic Swelling Transitions in Surface-Bound MicrogelsNyström L., Álvarez-Asencio R., Frenning G., Saunders B.R., Rutland M.W., Malmsten M.
2016Edge modes in zigzag and armchair ribbons of monolayer MoS2Rostami H., Asgari R., Guinea F.
2016Collective concerted motion in a molecular adlayer visualized through the surface diffusion of isolated vacanciesUrban C., Otero R., Écija D., Trelka M., Martín N., Gallego J.M., Miranda R.
2016Magnetic versus non-magnetic pinning of vortices in superconducting films: Role of effective penetration depthDel Valle J., Gomez A., Gonzalez E.M., Vicent J.L.
2016Covalent organic frameworks based on Schiff-base chemistry: Synthesis, properties and potential applicationsSegura J.L., Mancheño M.J., Zamora F.