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2014T cells kill bacteria captured by transinfection from dendritic cells and confer protection in miceCruz-Adalia A.; Ramírez-Santiago G.; Calabia-Linares C.; Torres-Torresano M.; Feo L.; Galán-Díez M.; Fernández-Ruiz E.; Pereiro E.; Guttmann P.; Chiappi M.; Schneider G.; Carrascosa J.L.; Chichón F.J.; Martínez Del Hoyo G.; Sánchez-Madrid F.; Veiga E.
2019Tailing miniSOG: structural bases of the complex photophysics of a flavin-binding singlet oxygen photosensitizing proteinTorra J.; Lafaye C.; Signor L.; Aumonier S.; Flors, Cristina; Shu X.; Nonell S.; Gotthard G.; Royant A.
2013Tailor-made highly luminescent and ambipolar transporting organic mixed stacked charge-transfer crystals: An isometric donor-acceptor approachPark S.K.; Varghese S.; Kim J.H.; Yoon S.-J.; Kwon O.K.; An B.-K.; Gierschner, Johannes; Park S.Y.
2020Tailor-made PEG coated iron oxide nanoparticles as contrast agents for long lasting magnetic resonance molecular imaging of solid cancersLazaro-Carrillo A.; Filice M.; Guillén M.J.; Amaro R.; Viñambres M.; Tabero A.; Paredes K.O.; Villanueva A.; Calvo P.; del Puerto Morales M.; Marciello M.
2020Tailored functionalized magnetic nanoparticles to target breast cancer cells including cancer stem-like cellsLazaro-Carrillo A.; Calero M.; Aires A.; Cortajarena A.L.; Simões B.M.; Latorre A.; Somoza, Álvaro; Clarke R.B.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Villanueva A.
2022Tailored Multivalent Targeting of Siglecs with Photosensitizing Liposome NanocarriersAlmeida-Marrero V.; Bethlehem F.; Longo S.; Bertolino M.C.; Torres, Tomás; Huskens J.; de la Escosura A.
2019Tailoring Magnetic Anisotropy at Will in 3D Interconnected Nanowire NetworksRuiz-Clavijo A.; Ruiz-Gómez S.; Caballero-Calero O.; Pérez, Lucas; Martin-Gonzalez M.
2011Tailoring magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial half metallic La 0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin filmsRodrigo C.; Jiménez E.; Terán, Francisco; Mikuszeit N.; Méchin L.; Camarero, Julio; Miranda, Rodolfo
9-Mar-2011Tailoring magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial half metallic La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin filmsPerna, Paolo; Rodrigo C.; Jiménez E.; Terán, Francisco; Méchin L.; Mikuszeit N.; Camarero, Julio; Miranda, Rodolfo
2020Tailoring topological order and π-conjugation to engineer quasi-metallic polymersCirera B.; Sánchez-Grande A.; de la Torre B.; Santos J.; Edalatmanesh S.; Rodríguez-Sánchez E.; Lauwaet K.; Mallada B.; Zbořil R.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Gröning O.; Jelínek P.; Martín, Nazario; Écija, David
2020Tailoring π-conjugation and vibrational modes to steer on-surface synthesis of pentalene-bridged ladder polymersde la Torre B.; Matěj A.; Sánchez-Grande A.; Cirera B.; Mallada B.; Rodríguez-Sánchez E.; Santos J.; Mendieta-Moreno J.I.; Edalatmanesh S.; Lauwaet K.; Otyepka M.; Medveď M.; Buendía Á.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Martín, Nazario; Jelínek P.; Écija, David
2015Taming C60 fullerene: Tuning intramolecular photoinduced electron transfer process with subphthalocyaninesRudolf M.; Trukhina O.; Perles J.; Feng L.; Akasaka T.; Torres, Tomás; Guldi D.M.
2020Taming quantum interference in single molecule junctions: Induction and resonance are keyZotti L.A.; Leary, Edmund
2019Targeting autophagy using metallic nanoparticles: a promising strategy for cancer treatmentCordani M.; Somoza, Álvaro
2016Targeting cancer cells with photoactive silica nanoparticlesBorzęcka W.; Trindade T.; Torres, Tomás; Tome J.
2019Targeting macrophages: Friends or foes in disease?Ardura J.A.; Rackov G.; Izquierdo E.; Alonso V.; Gortazar A.R.; Escribese M.M.
2014Tautomerism and atropisomerism in free-base (meso)-strapped porphyrins: Static and dynamic aspectsUrbani M.; Torres, Tomás
2016TCNQ grown on cu (001): Its atomic and electronic structure determinationCapitan M.J.; Navío C.; Beltran J.I.; Otero, Roberto; Álvarez J.
2018Temperature control of reaction pathwaysCirera B.; Écija, David
2015Temperature-controlled metal/ligand stoichiometric ratio in Ag-TCNE coordination networksRodríguez-Fernández J.; Lauwaet K.; Herranz M.Á.; Martín, Nazario; Gallego J.M.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Otero, Roberto