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2018Observation of a topologically protected state in a magnetic domain wall stabilized by a ferromagnetic chemical barrierRuiz-Gómez S.; Foerster M.; Aballe L.; Proenca M.P.; Lucas I.; Prieto J.L.; Mascaraque A.; de la Figuera J.; Quesada A.; Pérez, Lucas
2012Observation of interference between two distinct autoionizing states in dissociative photoionization of H 2Reddish T.J.; Padmanabhan A.; MacDonald M.A.; Zuin L.; Fernández J.; Palacios A.; Martín, Fernando
2016Observation of Localized Vibrational Modes of Graphene Nanodomes by Inelastic Atom ScatteringMaccariello D.; Al Taleb A.; Calleja, Fabián; Vázquez de Parga, Amadeo L.; Perna, Paolo; Camarero, Julio; Gnecco E.; Farías D.; Miranda, Rodolfo
2015Observing the semiconducting band-gap alignment of MoS2 layers of different atomic thicknesses using a MoS2/SiO2/Si heterojunction tunnel diodeNishiguchi K.; Castellanos-Gomez A.; Yamaguchi H.; Fujiwara A.; Van Der Zant H.S.J.; Steele G.A.
2017Octacationic and axially di-substituted silicon (IV) phthalocyanines for photodynamic inactivation of bacteriavan de Winckel E.; David B.; Simoni M.M.; González-Delgado J.A.; de la Escosura A.; Cunha Â.; Torres, Tomás
2017Oligonucleotide Sensor Based on Selective Capture of Upconversion Nanoparticles Triggered by Target-Induced DNA Interstrand Ligand ReactionMendez-Gonzalez D.; Laurenti M.; Latorre A.; Somoza, Álvaro; Vazquez A.; Negredo A.I.; López-Cabarcos E.; Calderón O.G.; Melle S.; Rubio-Retama J.
2015Oligonucleotide-Stabilized Silver NanoclustersLatorre A.; Somoza, Álvaro
2011Oligothienoacenes versus oligothiophenes: Impact of ring fusion on the optical propertiesAragó J.; Viruela P.M.; Gierschner, Johannes; Ortí E.; Milián-Medina B.
2014Omniphobic "rF paper" produced by silanization of paper with fluoroalkyltrichlorosilanesGlavan A.C.; Martinez R.V.; Subramaniam A.B.; Yoon H.J.; Nunes R.M.D.; Lange H.; Thuo M.M.; Whitesides G.M.
2021On chiral responses to geometric torsionFerreiros Y.; Landsteiner K.
2011On fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and graphenes [Sobre fullerenos, nanotubos de carbono y grafenos]Martín, Nazario
2019On modeling of plasmon-induced enhancement of the efficiency of solar cells modified by metallic nano-particlesKluczyk K.; David C.; Jacak J.; Jacak W.
2012On the discrimination between magnetite and maghemite by XANES measurements in fluorescence modeEspinosa, Ana; Serrano A.; Llavona A.; Jiménez De La Morena J.; Abuín M.; Figuerola A.; Pellegrino T.; Fernández J.F.; García-Hernández M.; Castro G.R.; García M.A.
2021On the nature of solvothermally synthesized carbon nanodotsRamírez-Barroso S.; Jacobo-Martín A.; Navarro-Baena I.; Hernández J.J.; Navío C.; Rodríguez, Isabel; Wannemacher, Reinhold
2009On the origin of small band gaps in alternating thiophene - thienopyrazine oligomersKarsten B.P.; Viani L.; Gierschner, Johannes; Cornil J.; Janssen R.A.J.
2018On the performance of large monolithic LaCl3(Ce) crystals coupled to pixelated silicon photosensorsOlleros P.; Caballero L.; Domingo-Pardo C.; Babiano V.; Ladarescu I.; Calvo D.; Gramage P.; Nacher E.; Tain J.L.; Tolosa A.
2018On the regioselectivity of the Diels-Alder cycloaddition to C60 in high spin statesEl Bakouri O.; Garcia-Borràs M.; Girón R.M.; Filippone S.; Martín, Nazario; Solà M.
2013On the relative stability of self-assembled metallosupramolecular subphthalocyanine capsules determined by ESI-Q-TOF tandem mass spectrometrySánchez-Molina I.; Vicente-Arana M.J.; Claessens C.G.; Torres, Tomás
2014On the role of aggregation effects in the performance of perylene-diimide based solar cellsSingh R.; Giussani E.; Mróz M.M.; Di Fonzo F.; Fazzi D.; Cabanillas González, Juan; Oldridge L.; Vaenas N.; Kontos A.G.; Falaras P.; Grimsdale A.C.; Jacob J.; Müllen K.; Keivanidis P.E.
2011On the significance of the anchoring group in the design of antenna materials based on phthalocyanine stopcocks and zeolitea LLópez-Duarte I.; Le-Quyenha Dieu; Dolamic I.; Martínez-Díaz M.V.; Torres, Tomás; Calzaferri G.; Brühwiler D.