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13-Dec-2019Imaging amyloid fibers at the nanoscale: method development and applications for hybrid materials and biomedicinePatricia Bondia
2010Imaging and quantifying perpendicular exchange biased systems by soft x-ray holography and spectroscopyTieg C.; Jiménez E.; Camarero, Julio; Vogel J.; Arm C.; Rodmacq B.; Gautier E.; Auffret S.; Delaup B.; Gaudin G.; Dieny B.; Miranda, Rodolfo
2021Imaging intramolecular hydrogen migration with time- And momentum-resolved photoelectron diffractionOta F.; Abe S.; Hatada K.; Ueda K.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Martín, Fernando
2018Imaging resolution of biocatalytic activity using nanoscale scanning electrochemical microscopyAbad J.M.; Tesio A.Y.; Martínez-Periñán E.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2017Imaging the cellCarrascosa J.L.; Leake M.C.
2021Imaging the elusive C-C bond dissociation channel of photoexcited ethyl radicalMarggi Poullain S.; Rubio-Lago L.; Chicharro D.V.; Boullagui A.; Zanchet A.; Yazidi O.; García-Vela A.; Bañares, Luis
2010Imaging the magnetization reversal of step-induced uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in vicinal epitaxial La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 filmsPerna, Paolo; Méchin L.; Saïb M.; Camarero, Julio; Flament S.
2017Imaging the square of the correlated two-electron wave function of a hydrogen moleculeWaitz M.; Bello R.Y.; Metz D.; Lower J.; Trinter F.; Schober C.; Keiling M.; Lenz U.; Pitzer M.; Mertens K.; Martins M.; Viefhaus J.; Klumpp S.; Weber T.; Schmidt L.P.H.; Williams J.B.; Schöffler M.S.; Serov V.V.; Kheifets A.S.; Argenti L.; Palacios A.; Martín, Fernando; Jahnke T.; Dörner R.
17-Oct-2017Imaging ultrafast electron and nuclear dynamics in hydrogenic moleculesRoger Y. Bello
2017Imaging ultrafast molecular wave packets with a single chirped UV pulseJelovina D.; Feist J.; Martín, Fernando; Palacios A.
2012Immobilizing NIR absorbing azulenocyanines onto single wall carbon nanotubes - From charge transfer to photovoltaicsInce M.; Bartelmess J.; Kiessling D.; Dirian K.; Martínez-Díaz M.V.; Torres, Tomás; Guldi D.M.
2012Impact ionization of molecular oxygen by 3.5-MeV/u bare carbon ionsNandi S.; Agnihotri A.N.; Kasthurirangan S.; Kumar A.; Tachino C.A.; Rivarola R.D.; Martín, Fernando; Tribedi L.C.
2011Impact of concentration self-quenching on the charge generation yield of fullerene based donor-bridge-acceptor compounds in the solid stateEng M.P.; Shoaee S.; Molina-Ontoria A.; Gouloumis A.; Martín, Nazario; Durrant J.R.
2021Impact of electrostatic fields in layered crystalline BCS superconductorsChirolli L.; Cea T.; Giazotto F.
2019Impact of molecular conformation on triplet-fusion induced photon energy up-conversion in the absence of exothermic triplet energy transferGoudarzi H.; Limbu S.; Cabanillas González, Juan; Zenonos V.M.; Kim J.-S.; Keivanidis P.E.
2013Impact of the anchoring ligand on electron injection and recombination dynamics at the interface of novel asymmetric push-pull zinc phthalocyanines and TiO2Sharma D.; Steen G.; Korterik J.P.; García-Iglesias M.; Vázquez P.; Torres, Tomás; Herek J.L.; Huijser A.
20-Jun-2021Implementing AC modes for simultaneous conductance and thermopower measurements using STMArturo Rodríguez Sota
2014Imprinted labyrinths and percolation in Nd-Co/Nb magnetic/superconducting hybridsRuiz-Valdepeñas L.; Velez M.; Valdés-Bango F.; Alvarez-Prado L.M.; Garcia-Alonso F.J.; Martin J.I.; Navarro E.; Alameda J.M.; Vicent, José Luis
2017Improved selectivity and cytotoxic effects of irinotecan via liposomal delivery: A comparative study on Hs68 and HeLa cellsCasadó A.; Mora M.; Sagristá M.L.; Rello-Varona S.; Acedo P.; Stockert J.C.; Cañete M.; Villanueva A.
2021Improved thermal stability of antireflective moth-eye topography imprinted on PMMA/TiO2surface nanocompositesJacobo-Martín A.; Hernández J.J.; Pedraz P.; Solano E.; Navarro-Baena I.; Rodríguez, Isabel