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2009A "cyanine-cyanine" salt exhibiting photovoltaic PropertiesBouit P.-A., Rauh D., Neugebauer S., Delgado J.L., Piazza E.D., Rigaut S., Maury O., Andraud C., Dyakonov V., Martin N.
2011A 4% efficient organic solar cell using a fluorinated fused subphthalocyanine dimer as an electron acceptorVerreet B., Rand B.P., Cheyns D., Hadipour A., Aernouts T., Heremans P., Medina A., Claessens C.G., Torres T.
2010A bis-exTTF macrocyclic receptor that associates C60 with micromolar affinityIsla H., Gallego M., Pérez E.M., Viruela R., Ort E., Martín N.
2016A C60-aryne building block: Synthesis of a hybrid all-carbon nanostructureGarcía D., Rodríguez-Pérez L., Herranz M.A., Peña D., Guitián E., Bailey S., Al-Galiby Q., Noori M., Lambert C.J., Pérez D., Martín N.
2014A collection of fullerenes for synthetic access toward oriented charge-transfer cascades in triple-channel photosystemsBolag A., López-Andarias J., Lascano S., Soleimanpour S., Atienza C., Sakai N., Martín N., Matile S.
2010A collisional model for AFM manipulation of rigid nanoparticlesGnecco E.
2019A Comparative Computational Study of the Adsorption of TCNQ and F4-TCNQ on the Coinage Metal SurfacesOtero R., Miranda R., Gallego J.M.
2019A Complex Interplay of Anionic Phospholipid Binding Regulates 3'-Phosphoinositide-Dependent-Kinase-1 Homodimer ActivationHeras-Martínez G., Calleja V., Bailly R., Dessolin J., Larijani B., Requejo-Isidro J.
2014A comprehensive study of extended tetrathiafulvalene cruciform molecules for molecular electronics: Synthesis and electrical transport measurementsParker C.R., Leary E., Frisenda R., Wei Z., Jennum K.S., Glibstrup E., Abrahamsen P.B., Santella M., Christensen M.A., Della Pia E.A., Li T., Gonzalez M.T., Jiang X., Morsing T.J., Rubio-Bollinger G., Laursen B.W., Nørgaard K., Van Der Zant H., Agrait N., Nielsen M.B.
2020A Constrained and “Inverted” [3+3] Salphen Macrocycle with an ortho-Phenylethynyl Substitution PatternUrbani M., Torres T.
2009A deep-red-emitting perylenediimide-iridium-complex dyad: Following the photophysical deactivation pathwaysRubén D. Costa, Francisco J. Céspedes-Guirao, Henk J. Bolink, Fernando Fernández-Lázaro, Ángela Sastre-Santos, Ortí E., Gierschner J.
2011A density functional theory study of the manganese-phthalocyanineStradi D., Díaz C., Martín F., Alcamí M.
2015A distyrylbenzene based highly efficient deep red/near-infrared emitting organic solidKim M., Whang D.R., Gierschner J., Park S.Y.
2017A DNA-centered explanation of the DNA polymerase translocation mechanismArias-Gonzalez J.R.
2019A fast synthesis route of boron-carbon-nitrogen ultrathin layers towards highly mixed ternary B-C-N phasesLeardini F., Jiménez-Arévalo N., Ferrer I.J., Ares J.R., Molina P., Navarro C.G., Manzanares Y., Granados D., Urbanos F.J., Garcia-Garcia F.J., Del Campo A., Avvisati G., Betti M.G., Mariani C.
2016A fluorescence gas sensor based on Förster Resonance Energy Transfer between polyfluorene and bromocresol green assembled in thin filmsGuillén M.G., Gámez F., Lopes-Costa T., Cabanillas-González J., Pedrosa J.M.
2016A fluorescent molecular rotor showing vapochromism, aggregation-induced emission, and environmental sensing in living cellsKoenig M., Storti B., Bizzarri R., Guldi D.M., Brancato G., Bottari G.
2011A fully conjugated TTF-π-TCAQ system: Synthesis, structure, and electronic propertiesSantos J., Illescas B.M., Martín N., Adrio J., Carretero J.C., Viruela R., Ortí E., Spänig F., Guldi D.M.
2018A Galactose Dendritic Silicon (IV) Phthalocyanine as a Photosensitizing Agent in Cancer Photodynamic TherapyBispo M., Pereira P.M.R., Setaro F., Rodríguez-Morgade M.S., Fernandes R., Torres T., Tomé J.P.C.
2021A general approach to study molecular fragmentation and energy redistribution after an ionizing eventErdmann E., Aguirre N.F., Indrajith S., Chiarinelli J., Domaracka A., Rousseau P., Huber B.A., Bolognesi P., Richter R., Avaldi L., Díaz-Tendero S., Alcamí M., Łabuda M.