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20140D band gap engineering by MBE quantum rings: Fabrication and optical propertiesGarcía J.M.; Alén B.; Silveira J.P.; Granados D.
2011[2,2']paracyclophane-based π-conjugated molecular wires reveal molecular-junction behaviorMolina-Ontoria A.; Wielopolski M.; Gebhardt J.; Gouloumis A.; Clark T.; Guldi D.M.; Martín N.
20212D MoS2 nanosheets and hematein complexes deposited on screen-printed graphene electrodes as an efficient electrocatalytic sensor for detecting hydrazineVilla-Manso A.M.; Revenga-Parra M.; Vera-Hidalgo M.; Vázquez Sulleiro M.; Pérez E.M.; Lorenzo E.; Pariente F.
20193-Hydroxykynurenic acid: Physicochemical properties and fluorescence labelingShmidt M.S.; García Vior M.C.; Ezquerra Riega S.D.; Lázaro-Martínez J.M.; Abasolo M.I.; Lazaro-Carrillo A.; Tabero A.; Villanueva A.; Moglioni A.G.; Blanco M.M.; Stockert J.C.
2011[60]Fullerene as multivalent scaffold: Efficient molecular recognition of globular glycofullerenes by concanavalin ASánchez-Navarro M.; Muñoz A.; Illescas B.M.; Rojo J.; Martín N.
20219-Aryl-phenalenones: Bioinspired thermally reversible photochromic compounds for photoswitching applications in the pico-to milliseconds rangeBresolí-Obach R.; Massad W.A.; Abudulimu A.; Lüer L.; Flors C.; Luis J.G.; Rosquete L.I.; Grillo T.A.; Anamimoghadam O.; Bucher G.; Nonell S.
2009A "cyanine-cyanine" salt exhibiting photovoltaic PropertiesBouit P.-A.; Rauh D.; Neugebauer S.; Delgado J.L.; Piazza E.D.; Rigaut S.; Maury O.; Andraud C.; Dyakonov V.; Martin N.
2011A 4% efficient organic solar cell using a fluorinated fused subphthalocyanine dimer as an electron acceptorVerreet B.; Rand B.P.; Cheyns D.; Hadipour A.; Aernouts T.; Heremans P.; Medina A.; Claessens C.G.; Torres T.
2010A bis-exTTF macrocyclic receptor that associates C60 with micromolar affinityIsla H.; Gallego M.; Pérez E.M.; Viruela R.; Ort E.; Martín N.
2016A C60-aryne building block: Synthesis of a hybrid all-carbon nanostructureGarcía D.; Rodríguez-Pérez L.; Herranz M.A.; Peña D.; Guitián E.; Bailey S.; Al-Galiby Q.; Noori M.; Lambert C.J.; Pérez D.; Martín N.
2014A collection of fullerenes for synthetic access toward oriented charge-transfer cascades in triple-channel photosystemsBolag A.; López-Andarias J.; Lascano S.; Soleimanpour S.; Atienza C.; Sakai N.; Martín N.; Matile S.
2010A collisional model for AFM manipulation of rigid nanoparticlesGnecco E.
2019A Comparative Computational Study of the Adsorption of TCNQ and F4-TCNQ on the Coinage Metal SurfacesOtero R.; Miranda R.; Gallego J.M.
2019A Complex Interplay of Anionic Phospholipid Binding Regulates 3'-Phosphoinositide-Dependent-Kinase-1 Homodimer ActivationHeras-Martínez G.; Calleja V.; Bailly R.; Dessolin J.; Larijani B.; Requejo-Isidro J.
2014A comprehensive study of extended tetrathiafulvalene cruciform molecules for molecular electronics: Synthesis and electrical transport measurementsParker C.R.; Leary E.; Frisenda R.; Wei Z.; Jennum K.S.; Glibstrup E.; Abrahamsen P.B.; Santella M.; Christensen M.A.; Della Pia E.A.; Li T.; Gonzalez M.T.; Jiang X.; Morsing T.J.; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Laursen B.W.; Nørgaard K.; Van Der Zant H.; Agraït N.; Nielsen M.B.
2020A Constrained and “Inverted” [3+3] Salphen Macrocycle with an ortho-Phenylethynyl Substitution PatternUrbani M.; Torres T.
2009A deep-red-emitting perylenediimide-iridium-complex dyad: Following the photophysical deactivation pathwaysRubén D. Costa; Francisco J. Céspedes-Guirao; Henk J. Bolink; Fernando Fernández-Lázaro; Ángela Sastre-Santos; Ortí E.; Gierschner J.
2011A density functional theory study of the manganese-phthalocyanineStradi D.; Díaz C.; Martín F.; Alcamí M.
2015A distyrylbenzene based highly efficient deep red/near-infrared emitting organic solidKim M.; Whang D.R.; Gierschner J.; Park S.Y.
2017A DNA-centered explanation of the DNA polymerase translocation mechanismArias-Gonzalez J.R.