Browsing by Funding We acknowledge financial support from the Spanish MINECO (projects CSD2010-00024, MAT2011-023627, MAT2012-2448, FIS2012-36113-C03-03, MAT2013-44858-R, and MAT2014-54484-P), Comunidad de Madrid (project S2009/MAT-1467), and MECD (Carlos Pimentel FPU grant). Computer time has been provided by the Red Espa?ola de Supercomputaci?n (RES) at the Minotauro Supercomputer (BSC, Barcelona) and by the Extremadura Research Centre for Advanced Technologies (CETA-CIEMAT). Some AFM images and friction measurements were obtained at the ICTS Centro Nacional de Microscopia Electr?nica (UCM). We gratefully thank Dr. Yu Zhou and Dr. Li Lin from the Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences (BNLMS) and the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering at Peking University for the graphene samples, and Rafael Buscalioni for valuable discussions. The COST Action MP1303 is gratefully acknowledged.

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2016Atomic-Scale Sliding Friction on Graphene in WaterVilhena J.G.; Pimentel C.; Pedraz P.; Luo F.; Serena P.A.; Pina C.M.; Gnecco E.; Pérez R.