Browsing by Funding "E.B-H. sincerely thanks K. Mawoussi for his help with the experiments. We thank F. Joubert for providing material"," J.B. Manneville, M. Velez, and E. Enciso for access to their setups"," and A. Callan-Jones, M. Velez, L. Rodríguez-Arriaga, L. H. Moleiro and C. Ruiz for stimulating discussions. E.B.-H. acknowledges financial support from Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte (MECD, Spain) under FPU grant 13/02826. F.M."

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2019Membrane curvature induces cardiolipin sortingBeltrán-Heredia E.; Tsai F.-C.; Salinas-Almaguer S.; Cao F.J.; Bassereau P.; Monroy F.