Browsing by Funding "Authors are deeply acknowledged to the funding by European Commission (H2020 NOCANTHER, GA number 685795"," FP7 Mag(net)icFun GA number 290248), the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (United Kingdom, Project, EP/P011403/1), Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MAT2013-47395-C4-3-R, MAT2016-81955-REDT, SEV-2016-0686), and Comunidad de Madrid (NANO-FRONTMAG, S2013/MIT-2850). The European COST Action TD1402 (RADIOMAG) and Ramon y Cajal subprogram (RYC-2011-09617) are also acknowledged. K. Naraya-nasamy, C. Hoskins, the Advanced Instrumentation, and Cell Unit of iMdea Nanociencia (A. Arnaíz) are acknowledged for technical assistance. A. Bollero, E. Cespedes, and Centro de Apoyo a la Investigación (Ténicas Físicas) de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid are acknowledged for SQUID measurements. A.C. and J. L. are supported by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) and Ghent University Special Research Fund (BOF), respectively, through a postdoctoral fellowship."

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