Browsing by Funding "A.L.C. acknowledges support by the European Research Council ERC‐CoG‐648071‐ProNANO and ERC‐PoC‐841063‐NIMM"," Spanish State Research Agency (PID2019‐111649RB‐I00 and PDC2021‐120957‐I00)"," and the Basque Government (Elkartek KK‐2017/00008"," RIS3‐2019222005). E.L‐M thanks the Spanish State Research Agency for the FPI grant (BES‐2017‐079646). C.S.C. thanks Gipuzkoa Foru Aldundia (Gipuzkoa Fellows program"," grant number 2019‐FELL‐000018‐01/62/2019) for financial support. J.C.G. acknowledges support by the Spanish State Research Agency (RTI2018‐097508‐B‐I00), as well as support from the European Union structural funds and the Comunidad de Madrid through projects NMAT2D (S2018/NMT‐4511) and FULMATEN‐CM, “Ultra‐rapid photonics for designing new materials and efficiently capturing energy” (Y2018/NMT‐5028). IMDEA Nanociencia acknowledges support from the “Severo Ochoa“” Programme for Centres of Excellence in R&D (MINECO, grant SEV‐2016‐0686). V.V.‐M. acknowledges financial support from the regional government of Madrid “‘Atraccion del talento”’ program (2019‐T2/IND‐12737). S.G.‐O. is grateful to the Spanish State Research Agency for a Ph.D. grant (FPI, PRE2019‐09345). This work was performed under the Maria de Maeztu Units of Excellence Program from the Spanish State Research Agency –Grant No. MDM‐2017‐0720 (CIC biomaGUNE). The authors thank Remei Escudero Franch for her development of preliminary work, Dr. A. Aires for providing the control CTPR‐16glu protein, and Dr. Desire Di Silvio at CIC biomaGUNE for support with the acquisition X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurements. All synchrotron experiments were performed at the B18 Beamline (Diamond Light Source, Oxford) under proposal number SP23098 and in house measurements."

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