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2022Alpha-Germanium Nanolayers for High-Performance Li-ion BatteriesSierra L.; Gibaja C.; Torres I.; Salagre E.; Avilés Moreno J.R.; Michel E.G.; Ocón P.; Zamora F.
2018Antimonene: A Novel 2D Nanomaterial for Supercapacitor ApplicationsMartínez-Periñán E.; Down M.P.; Gibaja C.; Lorenzo E.; Zamora F.; Banks C.E.
2016Antimonene: Mechanical Isolation of Highly Stable Antimonene under Ambient Conditions (Adv. Mater. 30/2016)Ares P.; Aguilar-Galindo F.; Rodríguez-San-Miguel D.; Aldave D.A.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando; Gómez-Herrero J.; Zamora F.
2019Catalytically active imine-based covalent organic frameworks for detoxification of nerve agent simulants in aqueous mediaRoyuela S.; Millán R.G.-S.; Mancheño M.J.; Ramos M.M.; Segura J.L.; Navarro J.A.R.; Zamora F.
2019Chemical sensing of water contaminants by a colloid of a fluorescent imine-linked covalent organic frameworkAlbacete P.; López-Moreno A.; Mena-Hernando S.; Platero-Prats A.E.; Pérez, Emilio M.; Zamora F.
2018Comparative Studies of Oxidation Processes on Group 10 Metals Dithiolene Derivatives in the Formation of Coordination PolymersCastillo O.; Delgado E.; Gómez-García C.J.; Hernández D.; Hernández E.; Herrasti P.; Martín A.; Zamora F.
2017Confining Functional Nanoparticles into Colloidal Imine-Based COF Spheres by a Sequential Encapsulation–Crystallization MethodRodríguez-San-Miguel D.; Yazdi A.; Guillerm V.; Pérez-Carvajal J.; Puntes V.; Maspoch D.; Zamora F.
2019Copper dithiolene[Cu(SC6H2Cl2S)2]− units connected to alkaline/copper complexes: from ionic assemblies to discrete molecular entities and coordination polymersAmo-Ochoa P.; Castillo O.; Delgado E.; Gallut A.; Hernández E.; Perles J.; Zamora F.
2021Copper(i)-iodide cluster structures as functional and processable platform materialsTroyano J.; Zamora F.; Delgado S.
2017Copper(II)–Thymine Coordination Polymer Nanoribbons as Potential Oligonucleotide NanocarriersVegas V.G.; Lorca R.; Latorre A.; Hassanein K.; Gómez-García C.J.; Castillo O.; Somoza, Álvaro; Zamora F.; Amo-Ochoa P.
2022Covalent organic frameworks based on electroactive naphthalenediimide as active electrocatalysts toward oxygen reduction reactionMartínez-Fernández M.; Martínez-Periñán E.; Royuela S.; Martínez J.I.; Zamora F.; Lorenzo E.; Segura J.L.
2016Covalent organic frameworks based on Schiff-base chemistry: Synthesis, properties and potential applicationsSegura J.L.; Mancheño M.J.; Zamora F.
2016Crystalline fibres of a covalent organic framework through bottom-up microfluidic synthesisRodríguez-San-Miguel D.; Abrishamkar A.; Navarro J.A.R.; Rodriguez-Trujillo R.; Amabilino D.B.; Mas-Ballesté R.; Zamora F.; Puigmartí-Luis J.
2020Cu(i) Iodide coordination polymers with aromatic thioamidesRosendo P.; Perles J.; Zamora F.; Delgado S.
2015Direct On-Surface Patterning of a Crystalline Laminar Covalent Organic Framework Synthesized at Room Temperaturede la peña Ruigómez A.; Rodríguez-San-Miguel D.; Stylianou K.C.; Cavallini M.; Gentili D.; Liscio F.; Milita S.; Roscioni O.M.; Ruíz-González M.L.; Carbonell C.; Maspoch D.; Mas-Ballesté R.; Segura J.L.; Zamora F.
2022Editorial for a special issue on graphene and 2D alternative materials: From preparation to potential applicationsAres P.; Zamora F.
2015Electrical Conductivity and Strong Luminescence in Copper Iodide Double Chains with Isonicotinato DerivativesHassanein K.; Conesa-Egea J.; Delgado S.; Castillo O.; Benmansour S.; Martínez J.I.; Abellán G.; Gómez-García C.J.; Zamora F.; Amo-Ochoa P.
2014Electrochemically generated nanoparticles of halogen-bridged mixed-valence binuclear metal complex chainsMartínez-Periñán E.; Azani M.-R.; Abad J.M.; Mateo-Martí E.; Pariente F.; Mas-Ballesté R.; Zamora F.; Lorenzo E.
2020Electrophoretic deposition of antimonene for photoelectrochemical applicationsBarrio J.; Gibaja C.; García-Tecedor M.; Abisdris L.; Torres I.; Karjule N.; Giménez S.; Shalom M.; Zamora F.
2013Enhanced fluorescence of silver nanoclusters stabilized with branched oligonucleotidesLatorre A.; Lorca R.; Zamora F.; Somoza, Álvaro