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20212D MoS2 nanosheets and hematein complexes deposited on screen-printed graphene electrodes as an efficient electrocatalytic sensor for detecting hydrazineVilla-Manso A.M.; Revenga-Parra M.; Vera-Hidalgo M.; Vázquez Sulleiro M.; Pérez, Emilio M.; Lorenzo E.; Pariente F.
2021Bifunctional carbon nanodots for highly sensitive HER2 determination based on electrochemiluminescenceGuerrero-Esteban T.; Gutiérrez-Sánchez C.; García-Mendiola T.; Revenga-Parra M.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2020Bioelectrocatalytic platforms based on chemically modified nanodiamonds by diazonium salt chemistryRevenga-Parra M.; Villa-Manso A.M.; Briones M.; Mateo-Martí E.; Martínez-Periñán E.; Lorenzo E.; Pariente F.
2020Carbon nanodots: a new precursor to achieve reactive nanoporous HOPG surfacesGutiérrez-Sánchez C.; Martínez-Periñán E.; Busó-Rogero C.; Revenga-Parra M.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2018Chemically modified graphene-based screen-printed electrodes for electrocatalytic applicationsRevenga-Parra M.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2015Diazonium salt click chemistry based multiwall carbon nanotube electrocatalytic platformsBravo I.; García-Mendiola T.; Revenga-Parra M.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2020Direct covalent immobilization of new nitrogen-doped carbon nanodots by electrografting for sensing applicationsGutiérrez-Sánchez C.; Mediavilla M.; Guerrero-Esteban T.; Revenga-Parra M.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2020Direct determination of monosaccharides in honey by coupling a sensitive new Schiff base Ni complex electrochemical sensor and chemometric toolsRevenga-Parra M.; Robledo S.N.; Martínez-Periñán E.; González-Quirós M.M.; Colina A.; Heras A.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2012Disposable DNA biosensor based on thin-film gold electrodes for selective Salmonella detectionGarcía T.; Revenga-Parra M.; Añorga L.; Arana S.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2011Electrochemical DNA base pairs quantification and endonuclease cleavage detectionGarcía T.; Revenga-Parra M.; Sobrino B.; Carracedo A.; Alonso C.; Lorenzo E.; Pariente F.
2018Electrochemically driven phenothiazine modification of carbon nanodotsMediavilla M.; Martínez-Periñán E.; Bravo I.; García-Mendiola T.; Revenga-Parra M.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2014Electrografting of N',N'-dimethylphenothiazin-5-ium-3,7-diamine (Azure A) diazonium salt forming electrocatalytic organic films on gold or graphene oxide gold hybrid electrodesGómez-Anquela C.; Revenga-Parra M.; Abad J.M.; Marín A.G.; Pau J.L.; Pariente F.; Piqueras J.; Lorenzo E.
2019Enhanced electrochemiluminescence by ZnO nanowires for taurine determinationGuerrero-Esteban T.; Gutiérrez-Sánchez C.; Revenga-Parra M.; Pau J.L.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2019Enhanced performance of reagent-less carbon nanodots based enzyme electrochemical biosensorsBravo I.; Gutiérrez-Sánchez C.; García-Mendiola T.; Revenga-Parra M.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2022Fluorescent enzymatic assay for direct total polyphenol determination in food-related samplesMediavilla M.; Revenga-Parra M.; Gutiérrez-Sánchez C.; Hernández-Apaolaza L.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2012Grafted Azure A modified electrodes as disposable β-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide sensorsRevenga-Parra M.; Gómez-Anquela C.; García-Mendiola T.; Gonzalez E.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2015Highly dense nickel hydroxide nanoparticles catalyst electrodeposited from a novel Ni(II) paddle-wheel complexMartínez-Periñán E.; Gennari M.; Revenga-Parra M.; Abad J.M.; Mateo-Martí E.; Pariente F.; Castillo O.; Mas-Ballesté R.; Zamora F.; Lorenzo E.
2016Insulin sensor based on nanoparticle-decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubes modified electrodesMartínez-Periñán E.; Revenga-Parra M.; Gennari M.; Pariente F.; Mas-Ballesté R.; Zamora F.; Lorenzo E.
2016Nanostructured electrochemical detector for the quantification of amino acids related to metabolic diseasesMartínez-Periñán E.; Revenga-Parra M.; Zamora F.; Pariente F.; Lorenzo E.
2013Nanostructured rough gold electrodes as platforms to enhance the sensitivity of electrochemical genosensorsGarcía-Mendiola T.; Gamero M.; Campuzano S.; Revenga-Parra M.; Alonso C.; Pedrero M.; Pariente F.; Pingarrón J.M.; Lorenzo E.