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2019A Comparative Computational Study of the Adsorption of TCNQ and F4-TCNQ on the Coinage Metal SurfacesOtero, Roberto; Miranda, Rodolfo; Gallego J.M.
2020A shift in molecular devicesOtero, Roberto
2007An organic donor/acceptor lateral superlattice at the nanoscaleOtero, Roberto; Écija, David; Fernández G.; Gallego J.M.; Sánchez L.; Martín, Nazario; Miranda, Rodolfo
2014An STM study of molecular exchange processes in organic thin film growthGallego J.M.; Écija, David; Martín, Nazario; Otero, Roberto; Miranda, Rodolfo
2019Characterizing the CdSe nanodots in the vicinity of the monolayer covering rangeCapitán M.J.; Álvarez J.; Puebla S.; Spilsbury M.J.; Conde J.J.; Juárez B.H.; Otero, Roberto
2014Charge transfer-assisted self-limited decyanation reaction of TCNQ-type electron acceptors on Cu(100)Urban C.; Wang Y.; Rodríguez-Fernández J.; García R.; Herranz M.Á.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Nazario; Martín, Fernando; Gallego J.M.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Otero, Roberto
2014Charge-transfer-induced isomerization of DCNQI on Cu(100)Urban C.; Wang Y.; Rodríguez-Fernández J.; Herranz M.Á.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Nazario; Martín, Fernando; Gallego J.M.; Otero, Roberto; Miranda, Rodolfo
2010Charge-transfer-induced structural rearrangements at both sides of organic/metal interfacesTseng T.-C.; Urban C.; Wang Y.; Otero, Roberto; Tait S.L.; Alcamí M.; Écija, David; Trelka M.; Gallego J.M.; Lin N.; Konuma M.; Starke U.; Nefedov A.; Langner A.; Wöll C.; Herranz M.Á.; Martín, Fernando; Martín, Nazario; Kern K.; Miranda, Rodolfo
2014Cl-capped CdSe nanocrystals via in situ generation of chloride anionsPalencia C.; Lauwaet K.; De La Cueva L.; Acebrón M.; Conde J.J.; Meyns M.; Klinke C.; Gallego J.M.; Otero, Roberto; Juárez B.H.
2016Collective concerted motion in a molecular adlayer visualized through the surface diffusion of isolated vacanciesUrban C.; Otero, Roberto; Écija, David; Trelka M.; Martín, Nazario; Gallego J.M.; Miranda, Rodolfo
2007Crossover site-selectivity in the adsorption of the fullerene derivative PCBM on Au(111)Écija, David; Otero, Roberto; Sánchez L.; Gallego J.M.; Wang Y.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando; Martín, Nazario; Miranda, Rodolfo
2019Discrete Electronic Subbands due to Bragg Scattering at Molecular EdgesMartín-Jiménez A.; Gallego J.M.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Otero, Roberto
2016Dysprosium-carboxylate nanomeshes with tunable cavity size and assembly motif through ionic interactionsCirera B.; Đorđević L.; Otero, Roberto; Gallego J.M.; Bonifazi D.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Écija, David
2014Effect of chloride ligands on cdse nanocrystals by cyclic voltammetry and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopyDe La Cueva L.; Lauwaet K.; Otero, Roberto; Gallego J.M.; Alonso C.; Juarez B.H.
2017Efficient Lanthanide Catalyzed Debromination and Oligomeric Length-Controlled Ullmann Coupling of Aryl HalidesCirera B.; Björk J.; Otero, Roberto; Gallego J.M.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Écija, David
2021Electronic Temperature and Two-Electron Processes in Overbias Plasmonic Emission from Tunnel JunctionsMartín-Jiménez A.; Lauwaet K.; Jover Ó.; Granados, Daniel; Arnau A.; Silkin V.M.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Otero, Roberto
2017Electronic, structural and chemical effects of charge-transfer at organic/inorganic interfacesOtero, Roberto; Vázquez de Parga, Amadeo L.; Gallego J.M.
2008Elementary structural motifs in a random network of cytosine adsorbed on a gold(111) surfaceOtero, Roberto; Lukas M.; Kelly R.E.A.; Xu W.; Lægsgaard E.; Stensgaard I.; Kantorovich L.N.; Besenbacher F.
2011Following the metalation process of protoporphyrin IX with metal substrate atoms at room temperatureGonzález-Moreno R.; Sánchez-Sánchez C.; Trelka M.; Otero, Roberto; Cossaro A.; Verdini A.; Floreano L.; Ruiz-Bermejo M.; García-Lekue A.; Martín-Gago J.A.; Rogero C.
2012Formation of a surface covalent organic framework based on polyester condensationMarele A.C.; Mas-Ballesté R.; Terracciano L.; Rodríguez-Fernández J.; Berlanga I.; Alexandre S.S.; Otero, Roberto; Gallego J.M.; Zamora F.; Gómez-Rodríguez J.M.