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2016Diffraction of H from LiF(001): From slow normal incidence to fast grazing incidenceMuzas A.S.; Gatti F.; Martín, Fernando; Díaz C.
2017Exploring surface landscapes with molecules: Rotationally induced diffraction of H2 on LiF(001) under fast grazing incidence conditionsDel Cueto M.; Muzas A.S.; Somers M.F.; Kroes G.J.; Díaz C.; Martín, Fernando
2017H 2 /LiF(001) diffractive scattering under fast grazing incidence using a DFT-based potential energy surfaceMuzas A.S.; Del Cueto M.; Gatti F.; Somers M.F.; Kroes G.J.; Martín, Fernando; Díaz C.
2019Prominent out-of-plane diffraction in helium scattering from a methyl-terminated Si(111) surfacedel Cueto M.; Muzas A.S.; Frankcombe T.J.; Martín, Fernando; Díaz C.
2019Quantum Stereodynamics of H2 Scattering from Co(0001): Influence of Reaction ChannelsCueto M.D.; Zhou X.; Muzas A.S.; Díaz C.; Martín, Fernando; Jiang B.; Guo H.
2015The role of the initial ro-vibrational state in molecule/surface scattering under fast grazing incidenceMuzas A.S.; Martín, Fernando; Díaz C.
2016Role of van der Waals forces in the diffraction of noble gases from metal surfacesDel Cueto M.; Muzas A.S.; Füchsel G.; Gatti F.; Martín, Fernando; Díaz C.
2015Scattering of H(D) from LiF(1 0 0) under fast grazing incidence conditions: To what extent is classical dynamics a useful tool?Muzas A.S.; Martín, Fernando; Díaz C.
2015Six-dimensional theoretical study of H2 scattering from LiF(001): From thermal to high incidence energiesMuzas A.S.; Díaz C.; Martín, Fernando
2022Stereodynamics effects in grazing-incidence fast-molecule diffractiondel Cueto M.; Muzas A.S.; Martín, Fernando; Díaz C.
2015Theoretical study of noble gases diffraction from Ru(0001) using van der Waals DFT-based potentialsDel Cueto M.; Muzas A.S.; Martín, Fernando; Díaz C.
2015Understanding the rotational excitation in scattering of D2 from CH3-Si(111)Díaz C.; Muzas A.S.; Del Cueto M.; Frankcombe T.J.; Martín, Fernando; Hund Z.M.; Nihill K.J.; Sibener S.J.