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2012Active membrane viscoelasticity by the bacterial FtsZ-division proteinLópez-Montero I.; Mateos-Gil P.; Sferrazza M.; Navajas P.L.; Rivas G.; Vélez M.; Monroy F.
2010Ceramide: From lateral segregation to mechanical stressLópez-Montero I.; Monroy F.; Vélez M.; Devaux P.F.
2012Efficient orthogonal integration of the bacteriophage ϕ29 DNAportal connector protein in engineered lipid bilayersMoleiro L.H.; López-Montero I.; Márquez I.; Moreno S.; Vélez M.; Carrascosa J.L.; Monroy F.
2013Intrinsic disorder of the bacterial cell division protein ZipA: Coil-to-brush conformational transitionLópez-Montero I.; López-Navajas P.; Mingorance J.; Rivas G.; Vélez M.; Vicente M.; Monroy F.
2010Lipid domains and mechanical plasticity of Escherichia coli lipid monolayersLópez-Montero I.; Arriaga L.R.; Rivas G.; Vélez M.; Monroy F.
2019Mechanical conditions for stable symmetric cell constrictionBeltrán-Heredia E.; Monroy F.; Cao-García F.J.
2019Membrane curvature induces cardiolipin sortingBeltrán-Heredia E.; Tsai F.-C.; Salinas-Almaguer S.; Cao F.J.; Bassereau P.; Monroy F.
2013Membrane reconstitution of FtsZ-ZipA complex inside giant spherical vesicles made of E. coli lipids: Large membrane dilation and analysis of membrane plasticityLópez-Montero I.; López-Navajas P.; Mingorance J.; Vélez M.; Vicente M.; Monroy F.
2017Nanomechanical properties of composite protein networks of erythroid membranes at lipid surfacesEncinar M.; Casado S.; Calzado-Martín A.; Natale P.; San Paulo Á.; Calleja M.; Vélez M.; Monroy F.; López-Montero I.
2017Permeability modes in fluctuating lipid membranes with DNA-translocating poresMoleiro L.H.; Mell M.; Bocanegra R.; López-Montero I.; Fouquet P.; Hellweg T.; Carrascosa J.L.; Monroy F.