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2014A comprehensive study of extended tetrathiafulvalene cruciform molecules for molecular electronics: Synthesis and electrical transport measurementsParker C.R.; Leary, Edmund; Frisenda R.; Wei Z.; Jennum K.S.; Glibstrup E.; Abrahamsen P.B.; Santella M.; Christensen M.A.; Della Pia E.A.; Li T.; González, Teresa; Jiang X.; Morsing T.J.; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Laursen B.W.; Nørgaard K.; Van Der Zant H.; Agraït, Nicolás; Nielsen M.B.
2013A molecular platinum cluster junction: A single-molecule switchZotti L.A.; Leary, Edmund; Soriano M.; Cuevas J.C.; Palacios J.J.
2021A Peierls Transition in Long Polymethine Molecular Wires: Evolution of Molecular Geometry and Single-Molecule ConductanceXu W.; Leary, Edmund; Sangtarash S.; Jirasek M.; González, Teresa; Christensen K.E.; Abellán Vicente L.; Agraït, Nicolás; Higgins S.J.; Nichols R.J.; Lambert C.J.; Anderson H.L.
2011Break-junction experiments on acetyl-protected conjugated dithiols under different environmental conditionsGonzález, Teresa; Leary, Edmund; García R.; Verma P.; Herranz M.A.; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Martín, Nazario; Agraït, Nicolás
2019Cross-conjugation increases the conductance of: Meta-connected fluorenonesAlanazy A.; Leary, Edmund; Kobatake T.; Sangtarash S.; González, Teresa; Jiang H.-W.; Bollinger G.R.; Agraït, Nicolás; Sadeghi H.; Grace I.; Higgins S.J.; Anderson H.L.; Nichols R.J.; Lambert C.J.
2014Does a cyclopropane ring enhance the electronic communication in dumbbell-type C60 dimers?La Rosa A.; Gillemot K.; Leary, Edmund; Evangeli C.; González, Teresa; Filippone S.; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Agraït, Nicolás; Lambert C.J.; Martín, Nazario
2019Effect of Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bonds on Single-Molecule Electron TransportSacchetti V.; Ramos-Soriano J.; Illescas B.M.; González, Teresa; Li D.; Palomino-Ruiz L.; Márquez I.R.; Leary, Edmund; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Pauly F.; Agraït, Nicolás; Martín, Nazario
2022Engineering the HOMO-LUMO gap of indeno[1,2-b]fluoreneCasares R.; Martínez-Pinel A.; Rodríguez-González S.; Márquez I.R.; Lezama L.; González, Teresa; Leary, Edmund; Blanco V.; Fallaque J.G.; Díaz C.; Martín, Fernando; Cuerva J.M.; Millán A.
2013Engineering the thermopower of C60 molecular junctionsEvangeli C.; Gillemot K.; Leary, Edmund; González, Teresa; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Lambert C.J.; Agraït, Nicolás
2015Incorporating single molecules into electrical circuits. the role of the chemical anchoring groupLeary, Edmund; La Rosa A.; González, Teresa; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Agraït, Nicolás; Martín, Nazario
2011Influence of binding groups on molecular junction formationArroyo C.R.; Leary, Edmund; Castellanos-Gomez A.; Rubio-Bollinger G.; González, Teresa; Agraït, Nicolás
2021Interference Controls Conductance in Phthalocyanine Molecular JunctionsGonzález M.T. Ismael A.K.; Leary, Edmund; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Grace I.; González-Rodríguez D.; Torres, Tomás; Lambert C.J.; Agraït, Nicolás
2021Long-lived charged states of single porphyrin-tape junctions under ambient conditionsLeary, Edmund; Kastlunger G.; Limburg B.; Rincón-García L.; Hurtado-Gallego J.; González, Teresa; Bollinger G.R.; Agraït, Nicolás; Higgins S.J.; Anderson H.L.; Stadler R.; Nichols R.J.
2021Single-Molecule Conductance of 1,4-Azaborine Derivatives as Models of BN-doped PAHsPalomino-Ruiz L.; Rodríguez-González S.; Fallaque J.G.; Márquez I.R.; Agraït, Nicolás; Díaz C.; Leary, Edmund; Cuerva J.M.; Campaña A.G.; Martín, Fernando; Millán A.; González, Teresa
2015Single-molecule conductance of a chemically modified, π-extended tetrathiafulvalene and its charge-transfer complex with F4TCNQGarcía R.; Herranz M.Á.; Leary, Edmund; González, Teresa; Bollinger G.R.; Bürkle M.; Zotti L.A.; Asai Y.; Pauly F.; Cuevas J.C.; Agraït, Nicolás; Martín, Nazario
2013Stability of single- and few-molecule junctions of conjugated diaminesGonzález, Teresa; Díaz A.; Leary, Edmund; García R.; Herranz M.Á.; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Martín, Nazario; Agraït, Nicolás
2014Structural versus electrical functionalization of oligo(phenylene ethynylene) diamine molecular junctionsGonzález, Teresa; Zhao X.; Manrique D.Z.; Miguel D.; Leary, Edmund; Gulcur M.; Batsanov A.S.; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Lambert C.J.; Bryce M.R.; Agraït, Nicolás
2020Taming quantum interference in single molecule junctions: Induction and resonance are keyZotti L.A.; Leary, Edmund
2010The experimental determination of the conductance of single moleculesNichols R.J.; Haiss W.; Higgins S.J.; Leary, Edmund; Martin S.; Bethell D.
2021Three-state molecular potentiometer based on a non-symmetrically positioned in-backbone linkerPalomino-Ruiz L.; Reiné P.; Márquez I.R.; Álvarez De Cienfuegos L.; Agraït, Nicolás; Cuerva J.M.; Campaña A.G.; Leary, Edmund; Miguel D.; Millán A.; Zotti L.A.; González, Teresa