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2013Amplified spontaneous emission in conjugated polyrotaxanes under quasi-cw pumpingMróz M.M.; Sforazzini G.; Zhong Y.; Wong K.S.; Anderson H.L.; Lanzani G.; Cabanillas González, Juan
2011Carbon Nanotubes: Electronic Structure and SpectroscopyLanzani G.; Lüer L.
2010Dynamical screening of the exciton resonance in conjugated polymers/carbon nanotubes compositesLüer L.; Hoseinkhani S.; Meneghetti M.; Lanzani G.
2010Effect of environment on ultrafast photoexcitation kinetics in single-wall carbon nanotubesObraztsova E.A.; Lüer L.; Obraztsova E.D.; Chernov A.I.; Brida D.; Polli D.; Lanzani G.
2012Electric field and charge distribution imaging with sub-micron resolution in an organic Thin-Film TransistorSciascia C.; Celebrano M.; Binda M.; Natali D.; Lanzani G.; Cabanillas González, Juan
2011Free-carrier generation in aggregates of single-wall carbon nanotubes by photoexcitation in the ultraviolet regimeCrochet J.J.; Hoseinkhani S.; Lüer L.; Hertel T.; Doorn S.K.; Lanzani G.
2009Low light adaptation: Energy transfer processes in different types of light harvesting complexes from Rhodopseudomonas palustrisMoulisová V.; Lüer L.; Hoseinkhani S.; Brotosudarmo T.H.P.; Collins A.M.; Lanzani G.; Blankenship R.E.; Cogdell R.J.
2008Molecular packing effects on the optical spectra and triplet dynamics in oligofluorene filmsCabanillas González, Juan; Sciascia C.; Lanzani G.; Toffanin S.; Capelli R.; Ramon M.C.; Muccini M.; Gierschner, Johannes; Hwu T.-Y.; Wong K.-T.
2011Primary photo-events in a metastable photomerocyanine of spirooxazinesSai Santosh Kumar R.; Lüer L.; Polli D.; Garbugli M.; Lanzani G.
2011Pump-probe spectroscopy in organic semiconductors: Monitoring fundamental processes of relevance in optoelectronicsCabanillas González, Juan; Grancini G.; Lanzani G.
2010The structural evolution of photochromic reaction in spirooxazine traced with sub-40fs transient absorption spectroscopySai Santosh Kumar R.; Lüer L.; Lanzani G.
2013Tracing of backward energy transfer from LH1 to LH2 in photosynthetic membranes grown under high and low irradiation.Lüer L.; Moulisová V.; Henry S.; Polli D.; Brotosudarmo T.H.P.; Hoseinkhani S.; Brida D.; Lanzani G.; Cerullo G.; Cogdell R.J.
2011Transient absorption imaging of P3HT:PCBM photovoltaic blend: Evidence for interfacial charge transfer stateGrancini G.; Polli D.; Fazzi D.; Cabanillas González, Juan; Cerullo G.; Lanzani G.
2009Ultrafast dynamics in metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubesLüer L.; Lanzani G.; Crochet J.; Hertel T.; Holt J.; Vardeny Z.V.
2010Ultrafast excitation energy transfer in small carbon nanotube aggregatesLüer L.; Crochet J.; Hertel T.; Cerullo G.; Lanzani G.
2010Ultrafast excitation energy transfer in small semiconducting carbon nanotube aggregatesLüer L.; Crochet J.; Hertel T.; Cerullo G.; Lanzani G.
2010Ultrafast excited state relaxation in long-chain polyenesAntognazza M.R.; Lüer L.; Polli D.; Christensen R.L.; Schrock R.R.; Lanzani G.; Cerullo G.
2011Ultrafast exciton and charge transfer in small aggregates of carbon nanotubesLüer L.; Crochet J.; Hoseinkhani S.; Hertel T.; Cerullo G.; Lanzani G.
2010Ultrafast optical gain switch in organic photonic devicesVirgili T.; Clark J.; Cabanillas González, Juan; Bazzana L.; Vishnubhatla K.C.; Osellame R.; Ramponi R.; Lanzani G.