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20219-Aryl-phenalenones: Bioinspired thermally reversible photochromic compounds for photoswitching applications in the pico-to milliseconds rangeBresolí-Obach R.; Massad W.A.; Abudulimu A.; Lüer L.; Flors, Cristina; Luis J.G.; Rosquete L.I.; Grillo T.A.; Anamimoghadam O.; Bucher G.; Nonell S.
2018Amplified spontaneous emission in insulated polythiophenesSun C.; Mróz M.M.; Castro Smirnov J.R.; Lüer L.; Hermida-Merino D.; Zhao C.; Takeuchi M.; Sugiyasu K.; Cabanillas González, Juan
2011Carbon Nanotubes: Electronic Structure and SpectroscopyLanzani G.; Lüer L.
2013Charge carrier dynamics in a ternary bulk heterojunction system consisting of P3HT, fullerene, and a low bandgap polymerKoppe M.; Egelhaaf H.-J.; Clodic E.; Morana M.; Lüer L.; Troeger A.; Sgobba V.; Guldi D.M.; Ameri T.; Brabec C.J.
2016Chirality Specific Triplet Exciton Dynamics in Highly Enriched (6,5) and (7,5) Carbon Nanotube NetworksAbudulimu A.; Spaeth F.; Namal I.; Hertel T.; Lüer L.
2016Design, synthesis and RAFT polymerisation of a quinoline-based monomer for use in metal-binding composite microfibersIsakova A.; Efremova O.; Pullan N.; Lüer L.; Topham P.D.
2018Designing high performance all-small-molecule solar cells with non-fullerene acceptors: Comprehensive studies on photoexcitation dynamics and charge separation kineticsShi J.; Isakova A.; Abudulimu A.; Van Den Berg M.; Kwon O.K.; Meixner A.J.; Park S.Y.; Zhang D.; Gierschner, Johannes; Lüer L.
2010Dynamical screening of the exciton resonance in conjugated polymers/carbon nanotubes compositesLüer L.; Hoseinkhani S.; Meneghetti M.; Lanzani G.
2010Effect of environment on ultrafast photoexcitation kinetics in single-wall carbon nanotubesObraztsova E.A.; Lüer L.; Obraztsova E.D.; Chernov A.I.; Brida D.; Polli D.; Lanzani G.
2018Efficient long-range electron transfer processes in polyfluorene-perylene diimide blendsIsakova A.; Karuthedath S.; Arnold T.; Howse J.R.; Topham P.D.; Toolan D.T.W.; Laquai F.; Lüer L.
2014Efficiently lowering ASE threshold by using a novel oligomer as host in solid mixtures of F8BT/DPhXia R.; Zhang Q.; Wei Q.; Qian Y.; Lüer L.; Casado S.; Cabanillas González, Juan
2015Elementary Energy Transfer Pathways in Allochromatium vinosum Photosynthetic MembranesLüer L.; Carey A.-M.; Henry S.; Maiuri M.; Hacking K.; Polli D.; Cerullo G.; Cogdell R.J.
2012Environmental effects on the long-term stability of bulkheterojunction organic photovoltaic cellsLüer L.
2017Excited state absorption spectra of dissolved and aggregated distyrylbenzene: A TD-DFT state and vibronic analysisOliveira E.F.; Shi J.; Lavarda F.C.; Lüer L.; Milián-Medina B.; Gierschner, Johannes
2015Excited State Features and Dynamics in a Distyrylbenzene-Based Mixed Stack Donor-Acceptor Cocrystal with Luminescent Charge Transfer CharacteristicsWykes M.; Park S.K.; Bhattacharyya S.; Varghese S.; Kwon J.E.; Whang D.R.; Cho I.; Wannemacher, Reinhold; Lüer L.; Park S.Y.; Gierschner, Johannes
2011Free-carrier generation in aggregates of single-wall carbon nanotubes by photoexcitation in the ultraviolet regimeCrochet J.J.; Hoseinkhani S.; Lüer L.; Hertel T.; Doorn S.K.; Lanzani G.
2014H-shaped oligofluorenes for highly air-stable and low-threshold non-doped deep blue lasingQian Y.; Wei Q.; Del Pozo G.; Mrõz M.M.; Lüer L.; Casado S.; Cabanillas González, Juan; Zhang Q.; Xie L.; Xia R.; Huang W.
2018Highly efficient organic photocatalysts discovered via a computer-aided-design strategy for visible-light-driven atom transfer radical polymerizationSingh V.K.; Yu C.; Badgujar S.; Kim Y.; Kwon Y.; Kim D.; Lee J.; Akhter T.; Thangavel G.; Park L.S.; Lee J.; Nandajan P.C.; Wannemacher, Reinhold; Milián-Medina B.; Lüer L.; Kim K.S.; Gierschner, Johannes; Kwon M.S.
2013Highly emissive H-aggregates or aggregation-induced emission quenching? The photophysics of all-trans para-distyrylbenzeneGierschner, Johannes; Lüer L.; Milián-Medina B.; Oelkrug D.; Egelhaaf H.-J.
2018Host Exciton Confinement for Enhanced Förster-Transfer-Blend Gain Media Yielding Highly Efficient Yellow-Green LasersZhang Q.; Liu J.; Wei Q.; Guo X.; Xu Y.; Xia R.; Xie L.; Qian Y.; Sun C.; Lüer L.; Cabanillas González, Juan; Bradley D.D.C.; Huang W.