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2011[60]Fullerene as multivalent scaffold: Efficient molecular recognition of globular glycofullerenes by concanavalin ASánchez-Navarro M.; Muñoz A.; Illescas B.M.; Rojo J.; Martín, Nazario
2011A fully conjugated TTF-π-TCAQ system: Synthesis, structure, and electronic propertiesSantos J.; Illescas B.M.; Martín, Nazario; Adrio J.; Carretero J.C.; Viruela R.; Ortí E.; Spänig F.; Guldi D.M.
2010A new exTTF-crown ether platform to associate fullerenes: Cooperative n-π and π-π EffectsGrimm B.; Santos J.; Illescas B.M.; Muñoz A.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario
2021An Ultra-Long-Lived Triplet Excited State in Water at Room Temperature: Insights on the Molecular Design of TridecafullerenesRamos-Soriano J.; Pérez-Sánchez A.; Ramírez-Barroso S.; Illescas B.M.; Azmani K.; Rodríguez-Fortea A.; Poblet J.M.; Hally C.; Nonell S.; García-Fresnadillo D.; Rojo J.; Martín, Nazario
2017Antiviral activity of self-assembled glycodendro[60]fullerene monoadductsMuñoz A.; Illescas B.M.; Luczkowiak J.; Lasala F.; Ribeiro-Viana R.; Rojo J.; Delgado R.; Martín, Nazario
2016Conjugated Porphyrin Dimers: Cooperative Effects and Electronic Communication in Supramolecular Ensembles with C60Moreira L.; Calbo J.; Aragó J.; Illescas B.M.; Nierengarten I.; Delavaux-Nicot B.; Ortí E.; Martín, Nazario; Nierengarten J.-F.
2016Cyclooctyne [60]fullerene hexakis adducts: A globular scaffold for copper-free click chemistryRamos-Soriano J.; Reina J.J.; Pérez-Sánchez A.; Illescas B.M.; Rojo J.; Martín, Nazario
2019Effect of Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bonds on Single-Molecule Electron TransportSacchetti V.; Ramos-Soriano J.; Illescas B.M.; González, Teresa; Li D.; Palomino-Ruiz L.; Márquez I.R.; Leary, Edmund; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Pauly F.; Agraït, Nicolás; Martín, Nazario
2009Electron transfer through exTTF bridges in electron donor-acceptor conjugatesIllescas B.M.; Santos J.; Wielopolski M.; Atienza C.M.; Martín, Nazario; Guldi D.M.
2009Fullerene for organic electronicsGuldi D.M.; Illescas B.M.; Mª Atienza C.; Wielopolski M.; Martín, Nazario
2013Glycofullerenes inhibit viral infectionLuczkowiak J.; Muñoz A.; Sánchez-Navarro M.; Ribeiro-Viana R.; Ginieis A.; Illescas B.M.; Martín, Nazario; Delgado R.; Rojo J.
2017Hexakis [60]Fullerene Adduct-Mediated Covalent Assembly of Ruthenium Nanoparticles and Their Catalytic PropertiesLeng F.; Gerber I.C.; Lecante P.; Bentaleb A.; Muñoz A.; Illescas B.M.; Martín, Nazario; Melinte G.; Ersen O.; Martinez H.; Axet M.R.; Serp P.
2021Hexakis-adducts of [60]fullerene as molecular scaffolds of polynuclear spin-crossover moleculesPalacios-Corella M.; Ramos-Soriano J.; Souto M.; Ananias D.; Calbo J.; Ortí E.; Illescas B.M.; Clemente-León M.; Martín, Nazario; Coronado E.
2012Hydrogen-Bonded Fullerene AssembliesSantos J.; Illescas B.M.; Sánchez L.; Martín, Nazario
2011Linear and hyperbranched electron-acceptor supramolecular oligomersSantos J.; Pérez, Emilio M.; Illescas B.M.; Martín, Nazario
2018Maleimide and Cyclooctyne-Based Hexakis-Adducts of Fullerene: Multivalent Scaffolds for Copper-Free Click Chemistry on FullerenesRamos-Soriano J.; Reina J.J.; Illescas B.M.; Rojo J.; Martín, Nazario
2020Multivalent cationic dendrofullerenes for gene transfer: synthesis and DNA complexationIllescas B.M.; Pérez-Sánchez A.; Mallo A.; Martín-Domenech Á.; Rodríguez-Crespo I.; Martín, Nazario
2019Multivalent fullerene/π-extended TTF electroactive molecules-non-covalent interaction with graphene and charge transfer implicationsMuñoz A.; Rodríguez-Pérez L.; Casado S.; Illescas B.M.; Martín, Nazario
2021Multivalent Tryptophan- and Tyrosine-Containing [60]Fullerene Hexa-Adducts as Dual HIV and Enterovirus A71 Entry InhibitorsRuiz-Santaquiteria M.; Illescas B.M.; Abdelnabi R.; Boonen A.; Mills A.; Martí-Marí O.; Noppen S.; Neyts J.; Schols D.; Gago F.; San-Félix A.; Camarasa M.-J.; Martín, Nazario
2018Nanocarbon-Based Glycoconjugates as Multivalent Inhibitors of Ebola Virus InfectionRodríguez-Pérez L.; Ramos-Soriano J.; Pérez-Sánchez A.; Illescas B.M.; Muñoz A.; Luczkowiak J.; Lasala F.; Rojo J.; Delgado R.; Martín, Nazario