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2011Break-junction experiments on acetyl-protected conjugated dithiols under different environmental conditionsGonzález, Teresa; Leary, Edmund; García R.; Verma P.; Herranz M.A.; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Martín, Nazario; Agraït, Nicolás
2016A C60-aryne building block: Synthesis of a hybrid all-carbon nanostructureGarcía D.; Rodríguez-Pérez L.; Herranz M.A.; Peña D.; Guitián E.; Bailey S.; Al-Galiby Q.; Noori M.; Lambert C.J.; Pérez D.; Martín, Nazario
2010Carbon Nanotubes and Related StructuresHerranz M.A.; Delgado J.L.; Martín, Nazario
2016Chirality transfer from graphene quantum dotsVázquez-Nakagawa M.; Rodríguez-Pérez L.; Herranz M.A.; Martín, Nazario
2010Donor-acceptor conjugates of lanthanum endohedral metallofullerene and π-extended tetrathiafulvaleneTakano Y.; Herranz M.A.; Martín, Nazario; Radhakrishnan S.G.; Guldi D.M.; Tsuchiya T.; Nagase S.; Akasaka T.
2015Electroactive carbon nanoforms: A comparative study via sequential arylation and click chemistry reactionsMateos-Gil J.; Rodríguez-Pérez L.; Moreno Oliva M.; Katsukis G.; Romero-Nieto C.; Herranz M.A.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario
2012An endohedral metallofullerene as a pure electron donor: Intramolecular electron transfer in donor-acceptor conjugates of La2@C80 and 11,11,12,12-tetracyano-9,10-anthra- p -quinodimethane (TCAQ)Takano Y.; Obuchi S.; Mizorogi N.; García R.; Herranz M.A.; Rudolf M.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario; Nagase S.; Akasaka T.
2014Modified SWCNTs with amphoteric redox and solubilizing propertiesRodríguez-Pérez L.; García R.; Herranz M.A.; Martín, Nazario
2008The nano-forms of carbonDelgado J.L.; Herranz M.A.; Martín, Nazario
2010Organic photovoltaics: A chemical approachDelgado J.L.; Bouit P.-A.; Filippone S.; Herranz M.A.; Martín, Nazario
2012Stabilizing ion and radical ion pair states in a paramagnetic endohedral metallofullerene/π-extended tetrathiafulvalene conjugateTakano Y.; Obuchi S.; Mizorogi N.; García R.; Herranz M.A.; Rudolf M.; Wolfrum S.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario; Nagase S.; Akasaka T.
2013Stable electron donor-acceptor nanohybrids by interfacing n-type TCAQ with p-type single-walled carbon nanotubesRomero-Nieto C.; García R.; Herranz M.A.; Rodríguez-Pérez L.; Sánchez-Navarro M.; Rojo J.; Martín, Nazario; Guldi D.M.
2021Supramolecular assembly of pyrene-tetrathiafulvalene hybrids on graphene: Structure-property relationships and biosensing activityGarrido M.; Martínez-Periñán E.; Calbo J.; Rodríguez-Pérez L.; Aragó J.; Lorenzo E.; Ortí E.; Martín, Nazario; Herranz M.A.
2012Tetrathiafulvalene-based nanotweezers-noncovalent binding of carbon nanotubes in aqueous media with charge transfer implicationsRomero-Nieto C.; García R.; Herranz M.A.; Ehli C.; Ruppert M.; Hirsch A.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario
2014Thermodynamically stable [4 + 2] cycloadducts of lanthanum-encapsulated endohedral metallofullerenesTakano Y.; Nagashima Y.; Herranz M.A.; Martín, Nazario; Akasaka T.
2012Tuning the electronic properties of nonplanar exTTF-based pusha-pull chromophores by aryl substitutionGarcía R.; Herranz M.A.; Torres M.R.; Bouit P.-A.; Delgado J.L.; Calbo J.; Viruela P.M.; Ortí E.; Martín, Nazario
2014Unprecedented chemical reactivity of a paramagnetic endohedral metallofullerene La@Cs-C82 that leads hydrogen addition in the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactionTakano Y.; Slanina Z.; Mateos J.; Tsuchiya T.; Kurihara H.; Uhlik F.; Herranz M.A.; Martín, Nazario; Nagase S.; Akasaka T.