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2021Boosting the tunable microwave scattering signature of sensing array platforms consisting of amorphous ferromagnetic fe2.25 co72.75 si10 b15 microwires and its amplification by intercalating cu microwiresArchilla D.; López-Sánchez J.; Hernando A.; Navarro E.; Marín P.
2022Coexistence of antiferro- and ferrimagnetism in the spinel ZnFe2O4 with an inversion degree δ lower than 0.3Cobos M.Á.; de la Presa P.; Puente-Orench I.; Llorente I.; Morales I.; García-Escorial A.; Hernando A.; Jiménez J.A.
2020Colossal heating efficiency via eddy currents in amorphous microwires with nearly zero magnetostrictionMorales I.; Archilla D.; de la Presa P.; Hernando A.; Marin P.
2022Comments on “What is the radiation before 5G? A correlation study between measurements in situ and in real time and epidemiological indicators in Vallecas, Madrid”Najera A.; Ramis R.; Las-Heras Andes F.; Garcia-Pardo C.; Alonso J.I.; Gonzalez-Rubio J.; Hernando A.; Martinez J.L.; Marcos F.V.
2022Detecting Magnetic Permeability and Electrical Conductivity Fluctuations in Metallic Ferromagnetic Sheets through the Shielding EffectHernando A.; Giacomone F.; Viñolas J.; García M.A.; Gálvez F.; Castellanos A.; de Hoyos A.; Cerracín A.
2020Direct and inverse spin Hall effects: Zeeman energyHernando A.; García M.A.; Gálvez F.; Guinea, Francisco
2020Effect of preparation methods on magnetic properties of stoichiometric zinc ferriteCobos M.A.; de la Presa P.; Llorente I.; García-Escorial A.; Hernando A.; Jiménez J.A.
2020Effects of Moderate Static Magnetic Field on Neural Systems Is a Non-invasive Mechanical Stimulation of the Brain Possible Theoretically?Hernando A.; Gálvez F.; García M.A.; Soto-León V.; Alonso-Bonilla C.; Aguilar J.; Oliviero A.
2019Exchange bias and two steps magnetization reversal in porous Co/CoO layerOvejero J.G.; Godinho V.; Lacroix B.; García M.A.; Hernando A.; Fernández A.
2016Experimental Evidence of the Origin of Nanophase Separation in Low Hole-Doped Colossal Magnetoresistant ManganitesCortés-Gil R.; Ruíz-González M.L.; González-Merchante D.; Alonso J.M.; Hernando A.; Trasobares S.; Vallet-Regí M.; Rojo, Juan; González-Calbet J.M.
2022Ferrimagnetic Clusters as the Origin of Anomalous Curie–Weiss Behavior in ZnFe2O4 Antiferromagnetic SusceptibilityHernando A.; Cobos M.Á.; Jiménez J.A.; Llorente I.; García-Escorial A.; de la Presa P.
2021Magnetic detection of high mechanical stress in iron-based materials using eddy currents and phase shift measurementsGarcía Alonso M.S.; Hernando A.; Vinolas J.; García M.A.
2019Magnetic Phase Diagram of Nanostructured Zinc Ferrite as a Function of Inversion Degree δCobos M.A.; De La Presa P.; Llorente I.; Alonso J.M.; Garciá-Escorial A.; Marín P.; Hernando A.; Jiménez J.A.
2020Magnetostatic determination of variations of internal stress in magnetic steelsGarcía Alonso M.S.; Giacomone F.; Pérez A.; Kaiser I.; Fernández J.F.; Hernando A.; Vinolas J.; García M.A.
2019Scattering of microwaves by a passive array antenna based on amorphous ferromagnetic microwires for wireless sensors with biomedical applicationsMoya A.; Archilla D.; Navarro E.; Hernando A.; Marín P.
2012Sp magnetism in clusters of gold thiolatesAyuela A.; Crespo P.; García M.A.; Hernando A.; Echenique P.M.
2020Spin imbalance of charge carriers induced by an electric currentHernando A.; Gálvez F.; García M.A.; Guinea, Francisco
2021Time-dependent AC magnetometry and chain formation in magnetite: The influence of particle size, initial temperature and the shortening of the relaxation time by the applied fieldMorales I.; Costo R.; Mille N.; Carrey J.; Hernando A.; de la Presa P.
2022Unveiling the Hidden Entropy in ZnFe2O4Cobos M.A.; Hernando A.; Marco J.F.; Puente-Orench I.; Jiménez J.A.; Llorente I.; García-Escorial A.; de la Presa P.