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2017Anisotropic features in the electronic structure of the two-dimensional transition metal trichalcogenide TiS3: Electron doping and plasmonsSilva-Guillén, José Ángel; Canadell E.; Ordejón P.; Guinea, Francisco; Roldán R.
2022An atomistic approach for the structural and electronic properties of twisted bilayer graphene-boron nitride heterostructuresLong M.; Pantaleón P.A.; Zhan Z.; Guinea, Francisco; Silva-Guillén, José Ángel; Yuan S.
2020Band structure and insulating states driven by Coulomb interaction in twisted bilayer grapheneCea T.; Guinea, Francisco
2021Band structure and superconductivity in twisted trilayer graphenePhong V.T.; Pantaleón P.A.; Cea T.; Guinea, Francisco
2020Band structure of twisted bilayer graphene on hexagonal boron nitrideCea T.; Pantaleón P.A.; Guinea, Francisco
2023Charge fluctuations, phonons, and superconductivity in multilayer grapheneLi Z.; Kuang X.; Jimeno-Pozo A.; Sainz-Cruz H.; Zhan Z.; Yuan S.; Guinea, Francisco
2021Charge-polarized interfacial superlattices in marginally twisted hexagonal boron nitrideWoods C.R.; Ares P.; Nevison-Andrews H.; Holwill M.J.; Fabregas R.; Guinea, Francisco; Geim A.K.; Novoselov K.S.; Walet N.R.; Fumagalli L.
2020Colloquium: Spintronics in graphene and other two-dimensional materialsAvsar A.; Ochoa H.; Guinea, Francisco; Zyilmaz B.; Van Wees B.J.; Vera-Marun I.J.
2019Continuum models for twisted bilayer graphene: Effect of lattice deformation and hopping parametersGuinea, Francisco; Walet N.R.
2021Coulomb interaction, phonons, and superconductivity in twisted bilayer grapheneCea T.; Guinea, Francisco
2019Dimensional reduction, quantum Hall effect and layer parity in graphite filmsYin J.; Slizovskiy S.; Cao Y.; Hu S.; Yang Y.; Lobanova I.; Piot B.A.; Son S.-K.; Ozdemir S.; Taniguchi T.; Watanabe K.; Novoselov K.S.; Guinea, Francisco; Geim A.K.; Fal’ko V.; Mishchenko A.
2020Direct and inverse spin Hall effects: Zeeman energyHernando A.; García M.A.; Gálvez F.; Guinea, Francisco
2021Double single-channel kondo coupling in graphene with fe moleculesVicent I.M.; Chirolli L.; Guinea, Francisco
2018Edge Modes and Nonlocal Conductance in Graphene SuperlatticesBrown R.; Walet N.R.; Guinea, Francisco
2016Edge modes in zigzag and armchair ribbons of monolayer MoS2Rostami H.; Asgari R.; Guinea, Francisco
2019Effect of quasiparticle excitations and exchange-correlation in Coulomb drag in grapheneFandan R.; Pedrós J.; Guinea, Francisco; Boscá A.; Calle F.
2018Effective interactions in a graphene layer induced by the proximity to a ferromagnetPhong V.T.; Walet N.R.; Guinea, Francisco
2013Electric-field screening in atomically thin layers of MoS2: The role of interlayer couplingCastellanos-Gomez A.; Cappelluti E.; Roldán R.; Agraït, Nicolás; Guinea, Francisco; Rubio-Bollinger G.
2017Electrically Controllable Magnetism in Twisted Bilayer GrapheneGonzález-Árraga L.; Lado J.L.; Guinea, Francisco; San-Jose P.
2020Electron heating and mechanical properties of grapheneSilva-Guillén, José Ángel; Guinea, Francisco