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20140D band gap engineering by MBE quantum rings: Fabrication and optical propertiesGarcía J.M.; Alén B.; Silveira J.P.; Granados, Daniel
2019A fast synthesis route of boron-carbon-nitrogen ultrathin layers towards highly mixed ternary B-C-N phasesLeardini F.; Jiménez-Arévalo N.; Ferrer I.J.; Ares J.R.; Molina P.; Navarro C.G.; Manzanares Y.; Granados, Daniel; Urbanos F.J.; García-García F.J.; Del Campo A.; Avvisati G.; Betti M.G.; Mariani C.
2021Analysis and Performance of Lumped-Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors for W-BandAja B.; De Ory M.C.; Fuente L.D.L.; Artal E.; Pascual J.P.; Magaz M.T.; Granados, Daniel; Gomez A.
2020Antiphase resonance at X-ray irradiated microregions in amorphous Fe80B20 stripesUrdiroz U.; Gómez A.; Magaz M.; Granados, Daniel; Sánchez Agudo M.; Rubio-Zuazo J.; Castro G.R.; Stan C.; Tamura N.; Padmore H.A.; Müller C.; McCord J.; Cebollada F.; Palomares F.J.; González J.M.
2016Assembly of designed protein scaffolds into monolayers for nanoparticle patterningMejias S.H.; Couleaud P.; Casado S.; Granados, Daniel; Garcia M.A.; Abad J.M.; Cortajarena A.L.
2020Bi-layer kinetic inductance detectors for W-BandAja B.; De La Fuente L.; Fernandez A.; Pascual J.P.; Artal E.; De Ory M.C.; Magaz M.T.; Granados, Daniel; Martin-Pintado J.; Gomez A.
2016Biomechanical Cell Regulation by High Aspect Ratio Nanoimprinted PillarsViela F.; Granados, Daniel; Ayuso-Sacido A.; Rodríguez, Isabel
2018Chemical vapor deposition growth of boron-carbon-nitrogen layers from methylamine borane thermolysis productsLeardini F.; Flores E.; Galvis A.R.E.; Ferrer I.J.; Ares J.R.; Sánchez C.; Molina P.; Van Der Meulen H.P.; Navarro C.G.; Polin G.L.; Urbanos F.J.; Granados, Daniel; García-García F.J.; Demirci U.B.; Yot P.G.; Mastrangelo F.; Betti M.G.; Mariani C.
2018Coverage evolution of the unoccupied Density of States in sulfur superstructures on Ru(0001)Pisarra M.; Bernardo, Ramón; Navarro J.J.; Black A.; Díaz C.; Calleja, Fabián; Granados, Daniel; Miranda, Rodolfo; Martín, Fernando; Vázquez de Parga, Amadeo L.
2018Development and characterization of cyclic olefin copolymer thin films and their dielectric characteristics as CPW substrate by means of Terahertz Time Domain SpectroscopyDiaz-Albarran L.M.; Lugo-Hernandez E.; Ramirez-Garcia E.; Enciso-Aguilar M.A.; Valdez-Perez D.; Cereceda-Company P.; Granados, Daniel; Costa-Krämer J.L.
2016Development of Sub-micron Broadband Lens-Coupled LEKIDs for Sub-mm AstronomyGomez A.; Prieto P.; Bueno J.; Doyle S.; Barry P.; Bideaud A.; Llombart N.; Granados, Daniel; Costa-Kramer J.L.; Martin-Pintado J.; Baselmans J.J.A.
2018Efficient Optical Gain from Near‐Infrared Polymer Lasers Based on Poly[N‐9′‐heptadecanyl‐2,7‐carbazole‐alt‐5,5‐(4′,7′‐di‐2‐thienyl‐2′,1′,3′‐benzothiadiazole)]Xu Y.; Hai G.; Xu H.; Zhang H.; Zuo Z.; Zhang Q.; Xia R.; Sun C.; Castro-Smirnov J.; Sousaraei A.; Casado S.; Osorio M.R.; Granados, Daniel; Rodríguez, Isabel; Cabanillas González, Juan
2019Electrical and geometrical tuning of MoS2 field effect transistors: Via direct nanopatterningUrbanos F.J.; Black A.; Bernardo, Ramón; Vázquez de Parga, Amadeo L.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Granados, Daniel
2020Electronic Decoupling of Graphene from Copper Induced by Deposition of ZnO: A Complex Substrate/Graphene/Deposit/Environment InteractionMorales C.; Urbanos F.J.; del Campo A.; Leinen D.; Granados, Daniel; Rodríguez M.A.; Soriano L.
2018Electronic Properties of Sulfur Covered Ru(0001) SurfacesPisarra M.; Díaz C.; Bernardo, Ramón; Navarro J.J.; Black A.; Calleja, Fabián; Granados, Daniel; Miranda, Rodolfo; Vázquez de Parga, Amadeo L.; Martín, Fernando
2021Electronic Temperature and Two-Electron Processes in Overbias Plasmonic Emission from Tunnel JunctionsMartín-Jiménez A.; Lauwaet K.; Jover Ó.; Granados, Daniel; Arnau A.; Silkin V.M.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Otero, Roberto
2018Encapsulating Chemically Doped Graphene via Atomic Layer DepositionBlack A.; Urbanos F.J.; Osorio M.R.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Vázquez de Parga, Amadeo L.; Granados, Daniel
2015Experimental realization of smectic phase in vortex matter induced by symmetric potentials arranged in two-fold symmetry arraysDel Valle J.; Gomez A.; Gonzalez E.M.; Osorio M.R.; Gálvez F.; Granados, Daniel; Vicent, José Luis
2019Flexible distributed feedback lasers based on nanoimprinted cellulose diacetate with efficient multiple wavelength lasingSmirnov J.R.C.; Sousaraei A.; Osorio M.R.; Casado S.; Hernández J.J.; Wu L.; Zhang Q.; Xia R.; Granados, Daniel; Wannemacher, Reinhold; Rodríguez, Isabel; Cabanillas González, Juan
2015Fluorene-based rib waveguides with optimized geometry for long-term amplified spontaneous emission stabilityDel Pozo G.; Bennis N.; Quintana X.; Otón J.M.; Lin J.; Xie L.H.; Wei Q.; Xia R.; Bernardo, Ramón; Granados, Daniel; Cabanillas González, Juan