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2009A deep-red-emitting perylenediimide-iridium-complex dyad: Following the photophysical deactivation pathwaysRubén D. Costa; Francisco J. Céspedes-Guirao; Henk J. Bolink; Fernando Fernández-Lázaro; Ángela Sastre-Santos; Ortí E.; Gierschner, Johannes
2015A distyrylbenzene based highly efficient deep red/near-infrared emitting organic solidKim M.; Whang D.R.; Gierschner, Johannes; Park S.Y.
2022A Water-Soluble Organic Photocatalyst Discovered for Highly Efficient Additive-Free Visible-Light-Driven Grafting of Polymers from Proteins at Ambient and Aqueous EnvironmentsLee Y.; Kwon Y.; Kim Y.; Yu C.; Feng S.; Park J.; Doh J.; Wannemacher, Reinhold; Koo B.; Gierschner, Johannes; Kwon M.S.
2009A white-light-emitting molecule: Frustrated energy transfer between constituent emitting centersPark S.; Ji E.K.; Se H.K.; Seo J.; Chung K.; Park S.-Y.; Jang D.-J.; Medina B.M.; Gierschner, Johannes; Soo Y.P.
2022Accurate Calculation of Excited-State Absorption for Small-to-Medium-Sized Conjugated Oligomers: Multiconfigurational Treatment vs Quadratic Response TD-DFTRoldao J.C.; Oliveira E.F.; Milián-Medina B.; Gierschner, Johannes; Roca-Sanjuán D.
2010Alignment and relaxation dynamics of dye molecules in host-guest inclusion compounds as probed by dielectric spectroscopyTsuwi J.; Berger R.; Labat G.; Couderc G.; Behrnd N.-R.; Ottiger P.; Cucinotta F.; Schürmann K.; Bertoni M.; Viani L.; Gierschner, Johannes; Cornil J.; Prodi-Schwab A.; De Cola L.; Wübbenhorst M.; Hulliger J.
2008An oligomer study on small band gap polymersKarsten B.P.; Viani L.; Gierschner, Johannes; Cornil J.; Janssen R.A.J.
2019Assembly-Induced Bright-Light Emission from Solution-Processed Platinum(II) Inorganic PolymersPerevedentsev A.; Bargardi F.L.; Sánchez-Ferrer A.; Cheetham N.J.; Sousaraei A.; Busato S.; Gierschner, Johannes; Milián-Medina B.; Mezzenga R.; Wannemacher, Reinhold; Cabanillas González, Juan; Campoy-Quiles M.; Caseri W.R.
2015Bent-core liquid crystalline cyanostilbenes: Fluorescence switching and thermochromismMartínez-Abadía M.; Varghese S.; Milián-Medina B.; Gierschner, Johannes; Giménez R.; Ros M.B.
2016Calculation of low bandgap homopolymers: Comparison of TD-DFT methods with experimental oligomer seriesOliveira E.F.; Roldao J.C.; Milián-Medina B.; Lavarda F.C.; Gierschner, Johannes
2013Color-Tuned, Highly Emissive Dicyanodistyrylbenzene Single Crystals: Manipulating Intermolecular Stacking Interactions for Spontaneous and Stimulated Emission CharacteristicsYoon S.-J.; Varghese S.; Park S.K.; Wannemacher, Reinhold; Gierschner, Johannes; Park S.Y.
2020Combined Spectroscopic and TD-DFT Analysis to Elucidate Substituent and Acidochromic Effects in Organic Dyes: A Case Study on Amino- versus Nitro-Substituted 2,4-Diphenylquinolinesdos Santos G.C.; Roldao J.C.; Shi J.; Milián-Medina B.; da Silva-Filho L.C.; Gierschner, Johannes
2012Computational design of low singlet-triplet gap all-organic molecules for OLED applicationMilián-Medina B.; Gierschner, Johannes
2013Computational engineering of low bandgap copolymersWykes M.; Milián-Medina B.; Gierschner, Johannes
2009Conformational disorder and ultrafast exciton relaxation in PPV-family conjugated polymersDykstra T.E.; Hennebicq E.; Beljonne D.; Gierschner, Johannes; Claudio G.; Bittner E.R.; Knoester J.; Scholes G.D.
2009Conjugated polymers with large effective stokes shift: Benzobisdioxole- based poly(phenylene ethynylene)sDutta T.; Woody K.B.; Parkin S.R.; Watson M.D.; Gierschner, Johannes
2013Correlation effects in the optical spectra of porphyrin oligomer chains: Exciton confinement and length dependenceHogan C.; Palummo M.; Gierschner, Johannes; Rubio A.
2020Counterion-Mediated Crossing of the Cyanine Limit in Crystals and Fluid Solution: Bond Length Alternation and Spectral Broadening Unveiled by Quantum ChemistryEskandari M.; Roldao J.C.; Cerezo J.; Milián-Medina B.; Gierschner, Johannes
2019Crossed 2D versus Slipped 1D π-Stacking in Polymorphs of Crystalline Organic Thin Films: Impact on the Electronic and Optical ResponseAliaga-Gosalvez M.J.; Demitri N.; Dohr M.; Roldao J.C.; Park S.K.; Oh S.; Varghese S.; Park S.Y.; Olivier Y.; Milián-Medina B.; Resel R.; Gierschner, Johannes
2017Crystallization-Induced Emission Enhancement and Amplified Spontaneous Emission from a CF3-Containing Excited-State Intramolecular-Proton-Transfer MoleculePark S.; Kwon J.E.; Park S.-Y.; Kwon O.-H.; Kim J.K.; Yoon S.-J.; Chung J.W.; Whang D.R.; Park S.K.; Lee D.K.; Jang D.-J.; Gierschner, Johannes; Park S.Y.