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20219-Aryl-phenalenones: Bioinspired thermally reversible photochromic compounds for photoswitching applications in the pico-to milliseconds rangeBresolí-Obach R.; Massad W.A.; Abudulimu A.; Lüer L.; Flors, Cristina; Luis J.G.; Rosquete L.I.; Grillo T.A.; Anamimoghadam O.; Bucher G.; Nonell S.
2012A genetically-encoded photosensitiser demonstrates killing of bacteria by purely endogenous singlet oxygenRuiz-González R.; White J.H.; Agut M.; Nonell S.; Flors, Cristina
2022Activatable iodinated BODIPYs for selective imaging and photodynamic disruption of amyloid structures in pathogenic bacterial biofilmsTorra J.; Sawazaki T.; Bondia P.; Nonell S.; Kanai M.; Sohma Y.; Flors, Cristina
2016Antibacterial Activity of DNA-Stabilized Silver Nanoclusters Tuned by Oligonucleotide SequenceJavani S.; Lorca R.; Latorre A.; Flors, Cristina; Cortajarena A.L.; Somoza, Álvaro
2016Apoferritin fibers: A new template for 1D fluorescent hybrid nanostructuresJurado R.; Castello F.; Bondia P.; Casado S.; Flors, Cristina; Cuesta R.; Domínguez-Vera J.M.; Orte A.; Gálvez N.
2016Assessing the potential of photosensitizing flavoproteins as tags for correlative microscopyRodríguez-Pulido A.; Cortajarena A.L.; Torra J.; Ruiz-González R.; Nonell S.; Flors, Cristina
2015Biologically controlled synthesis and assembly of magnetite nanoparticlesBennet M.; Bertinetti L.; Neely R.K.; Schertel A.; Körnig A.; Flors, Cristina; Müller F.D.; Schüler D.; Klumpp S.; Faivre D.
2021Boosting the inactivation of bacterial biofilms by photodynamic targeting of matrix structures with Thioflavin TBondia P.; Flors, Cristina; Torra J.
2014Correlative atomic force microscopy and localization-based super-resolution microscopy: Revealing labelling and image reconstruction artefactsMonserrate A.; Casado S.; Flors, Cristina
2017Correlative super-resolution fluorescence imaging and atomic force microscopy for the characterization of biological samplesBondia P.; Casado S.; Flors, Cristina
2018Fluorescent Flavoprotein Heterodimers: Combining Photostability with Singlet Oxygen GenerationRodríguez-Pulido A.; Torra J.; Mejías S.H.; Cortajarena A.L.; Ruiz-González R.; Nonell S.; Flors, Cristina
2013Fluorescent proteins as singlet oxygen photosensitizers: Mechanistic studies in photodynamic inactivation of bacteriaRuiz-González R.; White J.H.; Cortajarena A.L.; Agut M.; Nonell S.; Flors, Cristina
2013Genetically encoded photosensitizers: Structure, photosensitization mechanisms, and potential application to photodynamic therapyFlors, Cristina; Nonell S.
2017Hybrid Nanoscopy of Hybrid NanomaterialsBondia P.; Jurado R.; Casado S.; Domínguez-Vera J.M.; Gálvez N.; Flors, Cristina
2019Linear assembly of lead bromide-based nanoparticles inside lead(ii) polymers prepared by mixing the precursors of both the nanoparticle and the polymerGonzalez-Carrero S.; Bareño L.; Debroye E.; Martin C.; Bondia P.; Flors, Cristina; Galian R.E.; Hofkens J.; Pérez-Prieto J.
2020Long-term STED imaging of amyloid fibers with exchangeable Thioflavin TTorra J.; Bondia P.; Gutierrez-Erlandsson S.; Sot, Begoña; Flors, Cristina
2020Mechanically Induced Bacterial Death Imaged in Real Time: A Simultaneous Nanoindentation and Fluorescence Microscopy StudyDel Valle A.; Torra J.; Bondia P.; Tone C.M.; Pedraz P.; Vadillo-Rodriguez V.; Flors, Cristina
2018Mechanics of Virus-like Particles Labeled with Green Fluorescent ProteinMertens, Johann; Bondia P.; Allende-Ballestero C.; Carrascosa J.L.; Flors, Cristina; Castón J.R.
2022Min Oscillations as Real-time Reporter of Sublethal Effects in Photodynamic Treatment of BacteriaOrtega I.V.; Torra J.; Flors, Cristina
2020Nanoscale View of Amyloid Photodynamic DamageBondia P.; Torra J.; Tone C.M.; Sawazaki T.; Del Valle A.; Sot, Begoña; Nonell S.; Kanai M.; Sohma Y.; Flors, Cristina