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2021Bottom-up Fabrication and Atomic-Scale Characterization of Triply Linked, Laterally π-Extended Porphyrin Nanotapes**Sun Q.; Mateo L.M.; Robles R.; Lorente N.; Ruffieux P.; Bottari, Giovanni; Torres, Tomás; Fasel R.
2021Efficient photogeneration of nonacene on nanostructured grapheneAyani C.G.; Pisarra M.; Urgel J.I.; Navarro J.J.; Díaz C.; Hayashi H.; Yamada H.; Calleja, Fabián; Miranda, Rodolfo; Fasel R.; Martín, Fernando; Vázquez de Parga, Amadeo L.
2022Growth Optimization and Device Integration of Narrow-Bandgap Graphene NanoribbonsBorin Barin G.; Sun Q.; Di Giovannantonio M.; Du C.-Z.; Wang X.-Y.; Llinas J.P.; Mutlu Z.; Lin Y.; Wilhelm J.; Overbeck J.; Daniels C.; Lamparski M.; Sahabudeen H.; Perrin M.L.; Urgel J.I.; Mishra S.; Kinikar A.; Widmer R.; Stolz S.; Bommert M.; Pignedoli C.; Feng X.; Calame M.; Müllen K.; Narita A.; Meunier V.; Bokor J.; Fasel R.; Ruffieux P.
2020Inducing Open-Shell Character in Porphyrins through Surface-Assisted Phenalenyl π-ExtensionSun Q.; Mateo L.M.; Robles R.; Ruffieux P.; Lorente N.; Bottari, Giovanni; Torres, Tomás; Fasel R.
2022Magnetic Interplay between π-Electrons of Open-Shell Porphyrins and d-Electrons of Their Central Transition Metal IonsSun Q.; Mateo L.M.; Robles R.; Ruffieux P.; Bottari, Giovanni; Torres, Tomás; Fasel R.; Lorente N.
2021On-surface activation of benzylic C-H bonds for the synthesis of pentagon-fused graphene nanoribbonsXu X.; Di Giovannantonio M.; Urgel J.I.; Pignedoli C.A.; Ruffieux P.; Müllen K.; Fasel R.; Narita A.
2023On-Surface Interchain Coupling and Skeletal Rearrangement of Indenofluorene PolymersChen Q.; Di Giovannantonio M.; Eimre K.; Urgel J.I.; Ruffieux P.; Pignedoli C.A.; Müllen K.; Fasel R.; Narita A.
2022On-surface synthesis and characterization of nitrogen-substituted undecacenesEimre K.; Urgel J.I.; Hayashi H.; Di Giovannantonio M.; Ruffieux P.; Sato S.; Otomo S.; Chan Y.S.; Aratani N.; Passerone D.; Gröning O.; Yamada H.; Fasel R.; Pignedoli C.A.
2020On-Surface Synthesis and Characterization of Triply Fused Porphyrin–Graphene Nanoribbon HybridsMateo L.M.; Sun Q.; Liu S.-X.; Bergkamp J.J.; Eimre K.; Pignedoli C.A.; Ruffieux P.; Decurtins S.; Bottari, Giovanni; Fasel R.; Torres, Tomás
2020On-Surface Synthesis of Non-Benzenoid Nanographenes by Oxidative Ring-Closure and Ring-Rearrangement ReactionsLohr T.G.; Urgel J.I.; Eimre K.; Liu J.; Di Giovannantonio M.; Mishra S.; Berger R.; Ruffieux P.; Pignedoli C.A.; Fasel R.; Feng X.
2021On-surface synthesis of organocopper metallacycles through activation of inner diacetylene moietiesCirera B.; Riss A.; Mutombo P.; Urgel J.I.; Santos J.; Di Giovannantonio M.; Widmer R.; Stolz S.; Sun Q.; Bommert M.; Fasel R.; Jelínek P.; Auwarter W.; Martín, Nazario; Écija, David
2021On-surface synthesis of singly and doubly porphyrin-capped graphene nanoribbon segmentsMateo L.M.; Sun Q.; Eimre K.; Pignedoli C.A.; Torres, Tomás; Fasel R.; Bottari, Giovanni
2023Steering Large Magnetic Exchange Coupling in Nanographenes near the Closed-Shell to Open-Shell TransitionBiswas K.; Soler D.; Mishra S.; Chen Q.; Yao X.; Sánchez-Grande A.; Eimre K.; Mutombo P.; Martín-Fuentes C.; Lauwaet K.; Gallego J.M.; Ruffieux P.; Pignedoli C.A.; Müllen K.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Urgel J.I.; Narita A.; Fasel R.; Jelínek P.; Écija, David
2011Subphthalocyanine-based nanocrystalsTrelka M.; Medina A.; Écija, David; Urban C.; Gröning O.; Fasel R.; Gallego J.M.; Claessens C.G.; Otero, Roberto; Torres, Tomás; Miranda, Rodolfo
2016Superlubricity of graphene nanoribbons on gold surfacesKawai S.; Benassi A.; Gnecco E.; Söde H.; Pawlak R.; Feng X.; Müllen K.; Passerone D.; Pignedoli C.A.; Ruffieux P.; Fasel R.; Meyer E.