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2015Adsorption of benzene on Cu(100) and on Cu(100) covered with an ultrathin NaCl film: Molecule-substrate interaction and decouplingRobledo M.; Pacchioni G.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.; Díaz-Tendero S.
2016Antimonene: Mechanical Isolation of Highly Stable Antimonene under Ambient Conditions (Adv. Mater. 30/2016)Ares P.; Aguilar-Galindo F.; Rodríguez-San-Miguel D.; Aldave D.A.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando; Gómez-Herrero J.; Zamora F.
2019Aromaticity, Coulomb repulsion, π delocalization or strain: Who is who in endohedral metallofullerene stability?Wang Y.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando
2014Bonding in exohedral metal-fullerene cationic complexesRobledo M.; Aguirre N.F.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.
2020Boron Dipyrromethene (BODIPY) as Electron-Withdrawing Group in Asymmetric Copper-Catalyzed [3+2] Cycloadditions for the Synthesis of Pyrrolidine-Based Biological SensorsRigotti T.; Asenjo-Pascual J.; Martín-Somer A.; Milán Rois P.; Cordani M.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Somoza, Álvaro; Fraile A.; Alemán J.
2015Cage connectivity and frontier π orbitals govern the relative stability of charged fullerene isomersWang Y.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando
2012Charge transfer and fragmentation in C60 + C6+ collisionsDíaz-Tendero S.; Silva Jr. H.; Oller J.; Alcamí M.; Hervieux P.-A.; Martín, Fernando
2022Controlling the diversity of ion-induced fragmentation pathways by N-methylation of amino acidsBarreiro-Lage D.; Nicolafrancesco C.; Kočišek J.; Luna A.; Kopyra J.; Alcamí M.; Huber B.A.; Martín, Fernando; Domaracka A.; Rousseau P.; Díaz-Tendero S.
2013Density functional theory study of the structure and vibrational modes of acrylonitrile adsorbed on Cu(100)Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando
2016Determination of Energy-Transfer Distributions in Ionizing Ion-Molecule CollisionsMaclot S.; Delaunay R.; Piekarski D.G.; Domaracka A.; Huber B.A.; Adoui L.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.; Avaldi L.; Bolognesi P.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Rousseau P.
2013Dynamics of glycine dications in the gas phase: Ultrafast intramolecular hydrogen migration versus Coulomb repulsionMaclot S.; Piekarski D.G.; Domaracka A.; Méry A.; Vizcaino V.; Adoui L.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.; Huber B.A.; Rousseau P.; Díaz-Tendero S.
2013Exohedral interaction in cationic lithium metallofullerenesRobledo M.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.; Díaz-Tendero S.
2014Fragmentation dynamics of excited ionized polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsParis C.; Silva H.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Rapacioli M.; Spiegelman F.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.
2014Fragmentation of amino acids induced by collisions with low-energy highly charged ionsPiekarski D.G.; Maclot S.; Domaracka A.; Adoui L.; Alcamí M.; Rousseau P.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Huber B.A.; Martín, Fernando
2019Fully versus constrained statistical fragmentation of carbon clusters and their heteronuclear derivativesAguirre N.F.; Díaz-Tendero S.; IdBarkach T.; Chabot M.; Béroff K.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando
2018Furan Fragmentation in the Gas Phase: New Insights from Statistical and Molecular Dynamics CalculationsErdmann E.; Labuda M.; Aguirre N.F.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.
2021A general approach to study molecular fragmentation and energy redistribution after an ionizing eventErdmann E.; Aguirre N.F.; Indrajith S.; Chiarinelli J.; Domaracka A.; Rousseau P.; Huber B.A.; Bolognesi P.; Richter R.; Avaldi L.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Łabuda M.
2017Generalized structural motif model for studying the thermodynamic stability of fullerenes: From C60 to graphene passing through giant fullerenesWang Y.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando
2015High-Order Harmonic Generation from the Cu(111) surfaceAguirre N.F.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Martín, Fernando
2021Imaging intramolecular hydrogen migration with time- And momentum-resolved photoelectron diffractionOta F.; Abe S.; Hatada K.; Ueda K.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Martín, Fernando