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2011A 4% efficient organic solar cell using a fluorinated fused subphthalocyanine dimer as an electron acceptorVerreet B.; Rand B.P.; Cheyns D.; Hadipour A.; Aernouts T.; Heremans P.; Medina A.; Claessens C.G.; Torres, Tomás
2014Decreased recombination through the use of a non-fullerene acceptor in a 6.4% efficient organic planar heterojunction solar cellVerreet B.; Cnops K.; Cheyns D.; Heremans P.; Stesmans A.; Zango G.; Claessens C.G.; Torres, Tomás; Rand B.P.
2014Effect of a chiral ligand in the self-assembly of subphthalocyanine-based metallosupramolecular capsulesSánchez-Molina I.; Lucena-Alcalde G.; Claessens C.G.; Torres, Tomás
2014Encapsulation of phthalocyanine-C60 fullerene conjugates into metallosupramolecular subphthalocyanine capsules: A turn of the screwSanchez Molina I.S.; Ince M.; Bottari, Giovanni; Claessens C.G.; Martinez-Diaz M.V.; Torres, Tomás
2013Incorporation of a tricationic subphthalocyanine in an organic photovoltaic deviceSánchez-Molina I.; Soriano A.; Claessens C.G.; Torres, Tomás; Bolink H.J.
2013On the relative stability of self-assembled metallosupramolecular subphthalocyanine capsules determined by ESI-Q-TOF tandem mass spectrometrySánchez-Molina I.; Vicente-Arana M.J.; Claessens C.G.; Torres, Tomás
2014Peripherally and axially carboxylic acid substituted subphthalocyanines for dye-sensitized solar cellsInce M.; Medina A.; Yum J.-H.; Yella A.; Claessens C.G.; Martínez-Díaz M.V.; Grätzel M.; Nazeeruddin M.K.; Torres, Tomás
2015A push-pull unsymmetrical subphthalocyanine dimerZango G.; Zirzlmeier J.; Claessens C.G.; Clark T.; Martínez-Díaz M.V.; Guldi D.M.; Torres, Tomás
2013Self-assembly, host-guest chemistry, and photophysical properties of subphthalocyanine-based metallosupramolecular capsulesSánchez-Molina I.; Grimm B.; Krick Calderon R.M.; Claessens C.G.; Guldi D.M.; Torres, Tomás
2011Subphthalocyanine-based nanocrystalsTrelka M.; Medina A.; Écija, David; Urban C.; Gröning O.; Fasel R.; Gallego J.M.; Claessens C.G.; Otero, Roberto; Torres, Tomás; Miranda, Rodolfo
2014Subphthalocyanines, subporphyrazines, and subporphyrins: Singular nonplanar aromatic systemsClaessens C.G.; González-Rodríguez D.; Rodríguez-Morgade M.S.; Medina A.; Torres, Tomás
2011Synthesis of subphthalocyanines as probes for the accessibility of silica nanochannelsInce M.; Gartmann N.; Claessens C.G.; Torres, Tomás; Brühwiler D.
2012Towards enhancing light harvesting—subphthalocyanines as electron acceptorsRomero-Nieto C.; Medina A.; Molina-Ontoria A.; Claessens C.G.; Echegoyen L.; Martín, Nazario; Torres, Tomás; Guldi D.M.
2013Trapping fullerenes with jellyfish-like subphthalocyaninesSánchez-Molina I.; Claessens C.G.; Grimm B.; Guldi D.M.; Torres, Tomás