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2011Atomically thin mica flakes and their application as ultrathin insulating substrates for grapheneCastellanos-Gomez A.; Wojtaszek M.; Tombros N.; Agraït, Nicolás; Van Wees B.J.; Rubio-Bollinger G.
2018Atomically thin p-n junctions based on two-dimensional materialsFrisenda R.; Molina-Mendoza A.J.; Mueller T.; Castellanos-Gomez A.; Van Der Zant H.S.J.
2017Biaxial strain in atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenidesFrisenda R.; Schmidt R.; Michaelis De Vasconcellos S.; Bratschitsch R.; Pérez de Lara D.; Castellanos-Gomez A.
2017Biaxial strain tuning of the optical properties of single-layer transition metal dichalcogenidesFrisenda R.; Drüppel M.; Schmidt R.; Michaelis de Vasconcellos S.; Pérez de Lara D.; Bratschitsch R.; Rohlfing M.; Castellanos-Gomez A.
2016Black Phosphorus-Based NanodevicesIsland J.O.; Castellanos-Gomez A.
2015Black Phosphorus: Narrow Gap, Wide ApplicationsCastellanos-Gomez A.
2012Calibration of piezoelectric positioning actuators using a reference voltage-to-displacement transducer based on quartz tuning forksCastellanos-Gomez A.; Arroyo C.R.; Agraït, Nicolás; Rubio-Bollinger G.
2010Carbon fibre tips for scanning probe microscopy based on quartz tuning fork force sensorsCastellanos-Gomez A.; Agraït, Nicolás; Rubio-Bollinger G.
2011Carbon tips as electrodes for single-molecule junctionsCastellanos-Gomez A.; Bilan S.; Zotti L.A.; Arroyo C.R.; Agraït, Nicolás; Carlos Cuevas J.; Rubio-Bollinger G.
2012Carbon-fiber tips for scanning probe microscopes and molecular electronics experimentsRubio-Bollinger G.; Castellanos-Gomez A.; Bilan S.; Zotti L.A.; Arroyo C.R.; Agraït, Nicolás; Cuevas J.C.
2016Centimeter-Scale Synthesis of Ultrathin Layered MoO3 by van der Waals EpitaxyMolina-Mendoza A.J.; Lado J.L.; Island J.O.; Niño M.A.; Aballe L.; Foerster M.; Bruno F.Y.; López-Moreno A.; Vaquero-Garzon L.; Van Der Zant H.S.J.; Rubio-Bollinger G.; Agraït, Nicolás; Pérez, Emilio M.; Fernández-Rossier J.; Castellanos-Gomez A.
2017Characterization of highly crystalline lead iodide nanosheets prepared by room-temperature solution processingFrisenda R.; Island J.O.; Lado J.L.; Giovanelli E.; Gant P.; Nagler P.; Bange S.; Lupton J.M.; Schüller C.; Molina-Mendoza A.J.; Aballe L.; Foerster M.; Korn T.; Angel Niño M.; De Lara D.P.; Pérez, Emilio M.; Fernandéz-Rossier J.; Castellanos-Gomez A.
2021Covalent modification of franckeite with maleimides: Connecting molecules and van der Waals heterostructuresVillalva J.; Moreno-Da Silva S.; Villa P.; Ruiz-González L.; Navío C.; Garcia-Orrit S.; Vega-Mayoral V.; Cabanillas González, Juan; Castellanos-Gomez A.; Giovanelli E.; Pérez, Emilio M.
2017Dielectrophoretic assembly of liquid-phase-exfoliated TiS3 nanoribbons for photodetecting applicationsFrisenda R.; Giovanelli E.; Mishra P.; Gant P.; Flores E.; Sánchez C.; Ares J.R.; Pérez de Lara D.; Ferrer I.J.; Pérez, Emilio M.; Castellanos-Gomez A.
2023Direct Magnetic Evidence, Functionalization, and Low-Temperature Magneto-Electron Transport in Liquid-Phase Exfoliated FePS3Martín-Pérez, Lucas; Medina Rivero S.; Vázquez Sulleiro M.; Naranjo A.; Gómez I.J.; Ruíz-González M.L.; Castellanos-Gomez A.; Garcia-Hernandez M.; Pérez, Emilio M.; Burzurí E.
2009Dynamics of quartz tuning fork force sensors used in scanning probe microscopyCastellanos-Gomez A.; Agraït, Nicolás; Rubio-Bollinger G.
2012Elastic properties of freely suspended MoS2 nanosheetsCastellanos-Gomez A.; Poot M.; Steele G.A.; Van Der Zant H.S.J.; Agraït, Nicolás; Rubio-Bollinger G.
2013Electric-field screening in atomically thin layers of MoS2: The role of interlayer couplingCastellanos-Gomez A.; Cappelluti E.; Roldán R.; Agraït, Nicolás; Guinea, Francisco; Rubio-Bollinger G.
2017Electrical and optical properties of LSMO/Monolayer MoS2 photodiodesNiu Y.; Frisenda R.; Svatek S.A.; Orfila G.; Jiao W.; Wang R.; Agraït, Nicolás; Monpean F.; Leon C.; Rivera-Calzada A.; De Lara D.P.; Santamaría J.; Castellanos-Gomez A.
2019Electron-Phonon Coupling Constant of 2H-MoS 2 (0001) from Helium-Atom ScatteringAnemone G.; Taleb A.A.; Benedek G.; Castellanos-Gomez A.; Farías D.